New Chromebook

Google has unveiled their new Chromebook laptop developed by Samsung and this one is sure to please everyone. The amount of features you get for the price you are paying is phenomenal for the average computer user or student who needs to have a laptop for school. The features, resolution, battery life, and price are all attractive for any student or person who is looking to get a portable computer and doesn't want to be stuck to a wall wired up with cables. Let's look more into this great laptop and what it's all about.


Before going into anything else, I believe that the main selling point of this new Chromebook is the price. Even if a laptop lacked a lot of features people would still buy it if the price was low enough. Many consumers aren't walking around the stores looking at system specs; they're looking at if it's on sale and if they can afford it. The new Google laptop doesn't disappoint as it's coming in at a cheap $249. This means that anyone can afford a new laptop because it's hard to find anything below this price point and Google has done a fine job in marketing it. You can buy it online at places like Amazon and Newegg, and you can also buy it in stores nationwide such as BestBuy. The price is attractive and the Chromebook looks amazing, so everyone should take a look at one and see if it's within your means.

Bang for your buck

The price is attractive but what does it have to offer? $249 would be a waste of money if it had nothing in it, but the Chromebook does not disappoint. The first thing that is notable is the 11.6 screen. It's not big by any means, but then again the objective here is to be small so it's portable for work and school. It's a crisp high resolution screen for the size and the laptop itself is extremely thin for easy portability. 802.11 g wireless means fast wireless internet access which is important for working in a library or in a university classroom. 100g of hard drive space on the Google cloud means your data is able to be accessed anywhere, and if that wasn't enough the laptop's physical hard drive has 16gGoogle ChromebookCredit: worth of storage as well, so this means you have plenty of room for all of your work and media needs. You aren't going to be buying this laptop for gaming so the screen size and hard drive space are irrelevant for that, 16g is plenty of physical space for the things you will do with this.

The battery is amazing because it can last up to 6.5 hours. That's much better than my old Dell laptop which only lasted about 4 hours. This means that you aren't necessarily going to have to be attached to your charge up chord all the time. You can charge your laptop before classes start and use your laptop practically all day and not have to run back to your room to get your charger or charge it in the library if you do have your chord with you. The HDMI port is fantastic because this port allows your small Google laptop to plug into projectors, TVs, and other high resolution devices which is great for presentations and homework assignments. Overall the amount of features you get for this small package Google laptop is a great bang for your buck.


Something that's really interesting is the fact that the new GoogGoogle TouchscreenCredit: www.heavy.comle Chromebook has a touchscreen. So you get the benefits of a laptop with a keyboard and usb connections but at the same time have access to tablet touchscreen technologies. This is fantastic to have because when you are doing a presentation you don't have to limit yourself to using a mouse or touchpad to click on different things, instead you can just tap on them like a touchscreen and continue on with your presentation. This is also nice for video and picture viewing as you can swipe between pages instead of having to click and move. I really found this feature neat when I tried it out at Best Buy and really tempts me to buy one, though because I'm not in school and don't have an immediate need for it yet I'll hold off and keep using my current laptop instead.

Final thoughts

I'm really impressed with Google's new Chromebook and I believe that it's going to be a hot seller. I'm already seeing students and people at my job using these already and they look sleek and attractive. I believe that anyone looking to get a cheap portable computing device needs to look no further than the new Google laptop. One look will draw you in and one demo will surely have you hooked and wanting to get it.