When hair plugs were first being tried as a baldness treatment back in the 1950's the results were less than spectacular. In fact, they were absolutely terrible. The technology at the time did not allow for micro-manipulation of hair follicles and thus the implants were large and unsightly. These hair plugs really did earn their name because they looked like someone had taken about 100 hair shafts and plugged them into the patients scalp with the result of a bunch of hairs sticking out every which way. This has now changed with the new FUE or follicular unit extraction methods employed by hair restoration surgeons.

One of the big deterrents to getting a hair transplant procedure has always been the cost of hair plugs. It is a fairly substantial outlay but when you consider that you won't have to spend any more money on creams and pills for hair re-growth in the future years it makes perfect sense to spend money now and then enjoy the benefits for years to come. When the cost is spread of several years like this it really is quite manageable.

The other draw back has been the resulting scarring from the procedure itself. In the method developed during the 1990's several portions of the scalp are actually removed for hair donation. The resulting incision then would need to be sutured together with a resulting scar. Although not large, it was still noticeable when people were interested in a fully natural looking result. With the new unit follicular hair transplant method this is not longer a problem.

Micro-surgery techniques have now progressed to the point that individual hair shafts with their support structures including the sebaceous glands and adventitial sheath can be removed individually from a scalp donor area and then re-inserted into the bald area. The results from this new method are absolutely unnoticeable when a person inspects the donor area. A specially designed tool is used to remove the hair follicle. The point of removal has some irritation like a pin prick for a few days but after that the very small wound heals and is absolutely invisible.

Once the individual follicles are harvested they are then prepared for reinsertion by a trained hair technician and presented to the surgeon. In the mean time the surgeon has mapped out the desired hair placement in the bald area and he or she can now begin the actual hair transplant procedure. Working quickly the doctor inserts the individual hairs in such a way that they match the direction of growth of the other hair surrounding the bald spot. This results in a very natural looking head of hair because the structure and color and direction of lay match the surrounding hair perfectly.

If you have tried hair re-growth products such as Revivogen and have not really had the results you desire then the new hair plugs techniques are really worth looking at. This new direct hair implant technique has now progressed to the point where the results are virtually indistinguishable from a completely natural head of hair.