Bathroom remodeling trends are beginning to change. Today, homeowners want luxurious spa and resort-like bathrooms in their homes. Phoenix homeowners are creating more soothing bathroom environments by changing the features that they used to buy. Where many Phoenix bathroom remodeling projects used to include adding elements like jacuzzi's and whirlpool tubs to a bathroom, we are now seeing more and more homeowners replace these items with things like steam baths and gentle rain showerheads.

Any bathroom can be turned into a place of serenity with the right features. Taking cues from places like spas and resorts, it is easy to get started in the right direction.

Top 5 Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Soaking Tubs
Whirl pool tubs are out in the world of Phoenix remodeling. Now homeowners want to soak away their stresses in deep tubs. There are a number of different styles to choose from. Just a few beautiful styles include Roman, Asian, and Japanese soaking tubs. Before buying, take a step inside of each tub to ensure that there is enough space for you to stretch out and relax.

Electric Floor Heating
Everyone has had the agitating experience of stepping onto a freezing bathroom floor. Today, a rather unheard of Phoenix bathroom remodeling idea called floor heating will ensure that this never happens to you again. It is also relatively affordable and easy to install. With floor material like tile or stone, that is hard to heat up, electric floor heating is especially useful. And in wet rooms, many homeowners love to sit down on their heated floors under a light sprinkling of water.

High Windows & Skylights
These features not only give you more privacy, but they also allow more light to come into your bathroom than regular windows. This particular Phoenix bathroom remodeling idea is boldly beautiful and greatly functional. High windows and skylights add an immense amount of value and architectural beauty to homes, and the added light makes bathrooms look more spacious.

Steam Baths
This is one of the biggest trends in Phoenix bathroom remodeling. People are bringing this spa and resort luxury into their own homes and loving it. However, it is important to know that this Phoenix remodeling idea must come along with a few others. When you have a steam bath added, you must also:

- Have your bathroom ceiling sloped to drain condensation
- Have a floor drain added to your bathroom
- Have a vapor-tight door added to the entrance of your bathroom
- Have a bench or some other type of seating added to the bathroom
- Optional: Install a remote fan for better ventilation

Gentle Rain Showerheads
This is the easiest and most inexpensive Phoenix bathroom remodeling idea. Simply changing a showerhead can change your entire bathroom experience. Many Phoenix homeowners do not want to be blasted by water in the shower anymore, so they are now using gentle rain showerheads which give the feeling of being under a light rainfall. This Phoenix remodeling idea clearly shows that homeowners want a different bathroom experience. Gone are the days of the "invigorating" shower. Now homeowners want a calm and relaxed place to de-stress.