Lighter, sleeker and cheaper than its predecessors, the new Kindle is an ideal New Year Gift.

               Amazon recently unveiled its new version of Kindle with a much cheaper price tag, signaling its intent to sell shelves of eBooks to its consumers. Last year the Kindle keyboard proved to be a runaway success and was the most sought after Xmas present. The newest version, the Penguin paperback of the digital generation is cheaper but still ranks high on the desirability quotient.



                 Two distinct differences set this newest version apart from its predecessors. The first is obviously the much welcome price cut which has made it more accessible and the second is the absence of the much derided QWERTY keyboard which most of us were ambivalent about.

              The keyboard’s absence has made the new Kindle sleeker than ever with an already diminutive stature farther shrinking- It is actually 24mm shorter and nearly 80 grams lighter than Kindle Keyboard. Its smaller and lighter frame has actually accentuated its identical six inch e –ink amoled screen. However the only minor hassle is the absence of any touchscreen, due to which one has to use a cursor controlled on screen keyboard to enter text, which is only adequate for quick ebook searches on Amazon but cannot handle advanced browsing.

              However, this is a minor inconvenience as the Kindle is conceived primarily for reading , rather than writing or browsing and in this regard the newest version scores big time over its predecessors. It is much faster than the Keyboard with pages turning in a blur. The forward and back buttons which are present on both sides of the screen makes it easier to use for both left and right handed users. The device’s battery life is impressive and can be extended for nearly a month with its Wi-Fi feature turned off. It has the storage capacity of 1400 books all remotely stored as in a cloud as long as they are purchased from the Amazon portal.

           Despite numerous pros going for it, it is undeniable that this is an entry level Kindle so the overall experience and features will be a bit vanilla and less luxe than in the previous versions. The 3G option is missing. Consumers can only avail the Wi- Fi option where Amazon’s Whispernet will download the books in a matter of a few seconds. There is also the option of cancelling your purchase. The user friendly interface and sleek features make this a sure short winner.


        As we all know for all eBook readers, content reigns supreme and this is where Amazon beats the pants out of its competitors. With an estimated 750,000 eBooks under its kitty, Amazon offers a virtual treasure trove of eBooks at the most competitive prices. There are also hosts of indie authors whose books one can purchase at bargain prices. Even a few bestsellers or mainstream novels are available at a throwaway price of $5.99.

          An instant access to World’s largest online bookstore, an excellent screen which can be easily read under sunlight and an attractive price tag of less than $100, will definitely make the newest version of Kindle a darling of the masses, college kids and teenagers. By keeping it simple and affordable, Amazon is widening the scope of digital reading and making it accessible to a wider audience. The eBooks sale in the coming months is surely going to ratchet up.