Who doesn't like to be comfy in a knit dress?

Knit DressCredit: verypurpleperson on Flickr

Knit dresses are the bomb.  Seriously, knit fabric is so soft, comfortable, and breathable.  And it is really having a moment right now, especially in the Indy Fashion world. 

Knit fabric, as opposed to woven fabric, has a give and stretch to it that really ups the wearability fabric.

5 best things about knit fabric:

1- It is very forgiving to wear.  Often, it is sewn in such a way where there is some sort of gathering or rutching in those trouble areas like hips or tummy, and that is one of the main reasons people love it so much.

2- It doesn't get wrinkly or need ironing.  Knit fabrics are able to be folded and put away in drawers and come out just fine!  (think t shirts or sweatpants).  They are also really great for travelling as they look awesome right out of your suitcase.  Who wants to iron on vacation?

3- It comes in a multitude of wondrous colors and patterns.

4- They are seriously comfortable.  The best thing about knit dresses is that it is like a t-shirt for your whole body.  Who doesn't like to feel comfy while they look fabulous?

5- They are great in all temperatures.  Depending on the weight of the fabric, they can keep you warm in the winter (think sweatshirt) and cool in the summer (think t-shirt). 

6- OK, I know the list said 5, but I thought of one more.  It's great with kids!  Knit fabrics are very popular for babies, toddler and children because or the comfortability and wearability, and also it is easy to remove stains from knit fabrics.

Knit Dress(121908)Credit: and Nancy says on Flickr

The Hottest Trends in Knit Dresses

The Racerback Dress

racerback(121918)Credit: amazon.com Knit Dress(121919)Credit: amazon.com

The Maxi Dress

Knit Dress crocketCredit: amazon.com

The Crochet Back Knit Dress


Another hot trend in Knit Dresses is the idea of making your own dresses out of recycled materials, such as thrift store t-shirts or jersey sheet sets that have become worn or damaged.  I call it reFashion.

You can also buy new knit fabric from the craft store or purchase new jersey sheet sets when they are on sale or clearance. Here is a neat example from white T-shirts:

White reFashioned dressCredit: ...love Meagan on Flickr

One of my favorite books that is all about hand sewing with knit fabrics and has some patterns for knit dresses is called Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. 

alabama sewing studioCredit: amazon.com

You can use recycled materials or new Jersey or knit fabric that you purchase at your local fabric store to sew your own beautiful and comfortable new wardrobe.  It has patterns for dresses, accessories, skirts, tops, boleros, a poncho, fingerless gloves, a hat, and more!  It is a great value and if you are interested in ReFashioning knit or jersey, this would be a good pattern book to get.

Enjoy being comfy and fabulous!