The new laptop mouses have came a long way since the invention of the first mouse back in 1963. So who invented the mouse and how did they come up with that name? The mouse was created by two researchers Douglas Engelbart and Bill English at the Stanford Research Institute. Due to the long cord that connects the mouse to the computer and it’s general appearance, they coined the phrase “mouse” as their devices name. This first version never manifested itself in everyday use and it became obsolete before it’s patent ran out. However, in 1972, Bill English invented and patented the ball mouse while working for Xerox. Since then, the computer mouse has evolved with the advances in technology to a superior product that is easy to use.

The new generation of computers such as the laptops, notebooks, and netbooks come with a built in touchpad and some devices have a trackpad that replaces the traditional mouse. These touchpads aid in the ease of portability and use of the device from point A to point B without any extra hardware to carry. This is all very convenient, but we all know that over time these touchpads don’t work as effectively as they use to which is fine if you are always purchasing the newest generation of devices. However, if you have found the one that is near and dear to your heart, then laptop mouses offer the same user experiences as a traditional PC. I personally hate to use the touchpads, but that is a matter of preference.

If you are like me and enjoy using the laptop mouses, then there is a huge supply to caters to most peoples taste. There are so many styles and types to choose from that it is easy to find the one that is right for your device. If you are old school like me, then you can find one that will plug into the USB and install itself. If you are looking for more freedom, then you can always get one of the new wireless mouses out on the market. Usually with these types of laptop mouses, you will have a USB stick that inserts into the computer and the mouse that sends the signal to the receiver. These also come with a CD for installation, and some models come with an optional USB cord to use in case the batteries die and you forgot to stock up. Then there is the wireless laptop optical mouse that uses high definition optical technology that enables you to navigate easily and quickly with smooth tracking. Retailers even sell a Bluetooth enabled optical laptop mouses that incorporates Bluetooth technology allowing adjustable curser speeds. This laptop mouses work well at great distances from the computer screen and are compatible with Bluetooth technology enabled PC’s and laptops. There is even laptop mouses that use laser sensor technology to ensure better precision control.

Many retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Target sell many versions of these laptop mouses. You can also find them online at Amazon, Tiger Direct, and CDW. You can find them in all shapes, colors, and technological differences. Make sure that the one that you get is compatible with your specific laptop. I am sure that you will find one that meets your needs.