The Mantis Microscope has been favored by repair technicians and circuit board inspectors for quite some time. The biggest benefits provided by this unit are the ample work space available underneath the microscope as well as the extremely clear image it produces. Now this instrument has been made even better with a camera built right into the unit. This newest model is the Mantis-Elite CAM and with the new image producing capability, technicians are now able to have a better grasp on QC inspection and documentation of their work product.

A combination magnifier and microscope, the Mantis allows the user to work more comfortably and, as most employers are aware, a comfortable user is a more productive user. The lenses have no eyepieces, so these workstations are ergonomically designed.

The newest Mantis Microscope design allows you to utilize two lenses at once with magnification properties of 2x to 20x. The user is able to select the desired magnification with a simple twist of the lens turret. With most lenses upwardly parfocal, it is easy to switch between high magnification when working on detailed work and a lower magnification for inspection purposes. Unlike a standard microscope, these changes can be made without putting the part the down, allowing the worker to be more efficient and produce better work product.
Mantis Elite-Cam
What the Mantis Elite-CAM Can Do

According to the designer of this popular unit, Ryan Springell, more than 150,000 of these microscopes have been sold all around the world. Customers choose this model for its superior optic capabilities as well as the ergonomic design that makes it so easy to use.

Advances in technology have forced the company to keep up with customer demand. The Mantis Elite-Cam can now capture digital images while still offering all the previous features that made it beneficial for inspection via both digital and optical viewing.

The addition of the high resolution camera only makes the unit more functional, so past customers will not be disappointed and potential customers will be drawn to its newest capabilities.

This instrument is simple to use and is easy to master. The model features a sealed head that comes pre-assembled for quick and easy set up. Images can be saved in all the most common formats including JPEG, PNG and BMP. To connect the unit, the user needs only an ordinary USB 2.0 port to get started.