The new Nightmare On Elm Street promises to be an inspired choice for a cinematic remake. In the 1980s this beloved franchise (along with Friday the 13th) scared more movie goers than any series in history. The knife-fingered villain Freddy Krueger became a cult figure and a horror icon. The new Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 edition promises to deliver the same horror and re-kickstart this highly influential series.

Golden Age of Horror Remakes

The last decade has witnessed a rebirth of horror. From the Saw franchise which became an unexpected success to re-imaginings of such genre classics as Halloween and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this is the dawn of a new era in horror. Even the tired Friday the 13th series has been injected with new life and lives to slash again. This kind of horror perfect storm makes the redux of Nightmare on Elm Street a great decision and one that should rule the box office.

Freddy Krueger

Freddy's Dead?

Robert Englund was a great Freddy Krueger and his gloved hands slicing and dicing the innocent ushered in a new age of horror. The now famous Freddy Krueger sweater and fedora made a screen demon like the world has never seen. The greatest thing about Freddy, though, was even though he was a demonic killer he remained likeable. His one-liners kept the audience chuckling even as the shivers ran down their spines. Like any series that outstays its welcome, however, the original Nightmare on Elm Street became a caricature of itself. Mediocre scripting and direction marked the end of this once dominant franchise.

Freddy's Reborn!

The reason that Englund made Freddy Krueger an anti-hero for a generation was due to his likeability and that is what makes Jackie Earle Haley such an inspired choice. Straight off the heels of his critically acclaimed performance as Rorschach in the movie Watchmen, Haley brings what is needed most to the role –a likeable villain. As Rorschach, Haley could deliver scathing monologues and real violence with equal ease, but all the while keeping the audience fully engaged and on his side. It is this kind of performance that should win the hearts of a new generation of slasher fans. If anyone can fill the Freddy Krueger sweater it is Haley.

Nightmare on Elm Street Movie PosterMovies are far from dead. There will always be a place for the horror genre on the big screen and the badder, the better. The Fangoria fans seek big thrills and on the heels of highly successful "soft" horror like the Twilight Series, they seek something more substantial to sink their teeth into! The new Nightmare on Elm Street could be just the thing they are looking for. If nothing else this Halloween will find a whole legion of Freddy Krueger sweater clad college kids slicing their way through party food at a costume ball.