There are many people out there who do not know what PBX phone systems are and this is not surprising. These high end phone systems are mostly only used for business and commerce. The everyday Joe does not really have any use for a PBX phone system, because these are used to monitor and manipulate multiple phone lines and do not have any real world application for a single phone line user. Many small businesses will use these PBX telephone systems to give them a look and feel of a much larger company than they are. If you have ever seen a business with 5 different phone extensions or different numbers all together, and tried to call but got the same guy every time this is an example the PBX phone system. You can use this technology to make your small business seem to have many branches or employees when in fact you do not. This is a good way to start to compete with the fortune 500 companies before you are one!

Recently, there have been some new pbx phone systems created that are available and really take control of your business for a fraction of the cost of the old pbx systems. These are called voip pbx phone systems and most of them offer all the full feature sets of a legacy system, but will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on cost of ownership. If you have not looked at these systems, they can really bring a lot of value to your company whether it is big or small. Some of the most common and most looked for features in the new virtual pbx phone systems are: voice mail, auto-attendants, a dial by name directory service, ring groups, and several others that you will find useful. You can even get 2 line cordless phones for roaming through the office. Features like these make the modern pbx telephone systems perfect for helpdesks, call centers and small businesses alike.

With many of the most popular voip pbx phone systems you can even add additional existing lines as extensions. This can be a great way to attach your cell phone number to your business phone call center without having to give out your personal number. These systems will automatically reroute your call as needed. Many systems with all the features and quality options that you will find with pbx phone systems are very expensive, but the new release of the virtual pbx phone system has made this a thing of the past. You can now setup a professional phone center for a very small investment.

A great example of this new generation of pbx systems or voip pbx systems are the TalkSwitch line of small business phone systems. These systems are built to address the small office phone system and its needs which are really roughly the same as larger businesses except on a much more reasonable budget and limited resources. The TalkSwitch small business phone system in particular is generally configured for 2, 4, or 8 lines and can be installed by the customer. It can integrate existing phone lines through the local telephone company as well as create new VOIP lines and handle all of this quite seamlessly. Five years ago this was just an idea whose time had come, but today a small business phone system or VOIP pbx system can be installed with 8 lines for less than a thousand dollars is the customer can handle the installation, which many do.

The ease of installation is a whole new world as well. In the past you would have to hire a whole team of installers to run lines and configure the pbx box. Now, with many systems, you can manipulate calls and even setup your own pbx phone system options right on your computer. This is not to say that configuring one of these new pbx systems is automatic, it is not. And there are definitely some hurdles and configuration issues to be mapped out if your are installing a hybrid system with traditional phone line and VOIP lines in the same system. But, the costs and any configuration are probably a tenth of what it would have been in the recent past. This is great news for businesses that need a good small office phone system, but have not moved forward with implementing because the costs were too high.

If you want to take your business to the next level and bring a higher level of service to your customers, it is highly recommended that you take a look at the newest voip pbx phone systems as a business solution for your company. Because this is such a booming solution for many companies you have most likely already been contacted by one or more vendors offering VOIP pbx office phone systems. If you already have a legacy pbx system in place you can shave off hundreds of dollars from your existing phone bill by using the virtual pbx phone systems as well. You just need to pick a good vendor that will give you a fair deal on the phone systems, any other hardware, and help with the installation. A good way to check on this is to ask around to other companies that you do business with and see if they have any experience with a specific vendor. Another way is to ask each small office phone system vendor to give you three reference accounts for you to contact.

This is one of those innovations born of the internet whose time has come. The speed and connectivity issues of the past are all but gone these days for most businesses unless you are really out where your only internet connectivity options are dial-up or satellite. For every other small business, you owe it to yourself and your business to take a serious look at the benefits of these new systems in your workplace and watch the savings start rolling in. The initial investment is less than you would think, running anywhere from a thousand to several thousand dollars for a typical office for system for a small business, and once you have a professional pbx phone system installed in your office you can be confident that you will never look back to your old ways.