The Standard

The rooms are models of ingenuity and effciency. Floor to ceiling glass walls frame river and city views. Huge bathtub, generous shower facing the bedroom.

The Greenwhich Hotel

Truly a hidden gem in new york, with its indoor swimming pool, private yoga sessions, complimentary mini bar, marble bathroom with rainfall shower and cozy library with fireplace to say the least.

The Empire Hotel

By far the biggest pro is the location. Proximately to Central Park, Times Square and at the museums are wonderful.

The Cooper Square Hotel

Floor to ceiling windows. Amazing views. Comfy beds. Couches in the elevator are a wonderful throw back to days gone by, done with a sleek minimalist vibe. A dog menu for Fido and Rex.


The Standard

One observation worth noting, the restrooms at the rooftop bar face out with panes of glass all the way down completely exposing you. Pool on the smaller modest side of life.

The Greenwhich Hotel

Luxury does not come cheap. Expect to be pampered and to pay a pretty penny.

The Empire Hotel

Some of the standard rooms are a bit compact, so splurge for a corner suite, if you can.

The Cooper Square Hotel

The bathrooms are not terribly well lit. Bathroom windows are also floor to ceiling - a note to you more modest types.

Full Review

Rumors spread thath the city would eventually revert back to the crime-ridden patterns of the mid-to late 70s. Well, I'm here to tell you that it hasn't. Not by a long shot. However, with the steady drumroll of businesses closing in what seems to be every neighborhood, some of the lifeblood of vibrant neighborhoods did indeed disapper. While, I still mourn some of the fanciful hotspots and hotels of the old neighnorhoods, there is still reason to celebrate. Despite it's continuing striggles, New York City's main engines of finance, media and real estate are flourishing.

I set out to review some of the cream of the crop. After much ado in our offices about our own particular favorites, we've agreed to keep the list manageable and short. We focused mainly on Manhattan. While inspiring renovations are happening through all five buroughs, we start here.

A word..while our picks are not neccessarily new, as in hot this season and not next season, they are rededining life in the big apple. Take the Standard Hotel, whose ambitious design instantly became a new icon in the NYC skyline, and Minetta Tavern, a reinvention of an old warhorse that is now practically heralded as the city's best steak house.

We included some historic treasures like the Grand Central's Oyster Bar and the Staten Island Ferry. I feel that they are essential to the rich and sumptous mix that helps to define New York.

Famously a resillient city, New York is in a constant state of reinvention and even with it's current challenges, the best is still rising to the top.

With nearly 40 new hotels opening their doors in 2009, a handful standout as brasen experiments diverging from the old midtown formula.

The Standard

Cantilevering beside the hudson and hoevering 30 feet above the new High Line park in the Meatpacking District, the 18-story, 337 room Le Corbursier-styke glass slab is the daring and sexy New Flagship of the mid-prices Standard hotels (others can be found in Miami and Los Angeles). The challenge was the interaction and insertion of a modern building in a very historic, rough-and-tumble neighborhood.

The Greenwich Hotel

Robert De Niro launched his 88-room destination in his beloved Tribeca in 2008 with all but little fanfare. That understated approach matches the atmosphere of relaxed luxury in the very serene lobby. adjacent to a lush Tuscan-style courtyard. A guest might actually have the sense of visiting a friends rustic, albeit elegant villa.

The Empire Hotel

This Upper West Side mainstay opened in the 1890's, so we wouldn't exactly call it new. But with a recent radical basement-to-roof renovation - and a location across from Lincoln Center and a half block from Central Park, the 420-room hotel has refreshed its appeal. A modern color palette has replaced faded florals, and a stunning rooftop lounge especially entices visitors with uninterrupted city views and a lovely pool.

The Cooper Square Hotel

The 21-story milky glass tower shaped like a shark fin is a spectacular newcomer to the once grungy East Village. It's intentionally modern but composed of smaller parts that seem to break down the scale.

There is plenty of outdoor space. The hotel however has found itself in hotwater with its neighbors. When guest arrive, they are led through a mod lounge to relax with a cocktail or two, insteading of waiting for a front desk clerk to become available for check-in.

The rooms are outfitted with sleek Italian furniture and what we found to be an exceedingly comfortable bed. So much so, that it made it a bit harder for us to get up and start our day.

In Closing

Yes, the city's financial sectors are bouncing back and building location is becoming a critical point. We must say that Fall is one of the best times to visit New York. Manhattan's theaters, music venues and mudeums will as ever, unvel a generous array of offerings. With four such tasteful standouts to tempt your travel palette, you simply cannot go wrong.