The guys buying the new gTLDs may have been part of the group frustrated by the lack of available .com domains. Perhaps some just couldn’t afford a good .com domain. But, once they get their websites set up, they’ll soon discover they are losing traffic to the .com variations of their domain names. So, what does this mean for the .com? The .com guy, who may have been concerned at first, learns that the new gTLDs are actually benefitting his domain by sending traffic caused by mistyping the domain name into the search address bar. Now, the .com domain has increased in value as it has before with the new release of other types of domain extensions.

There are new possibilities for the .com domain owner. Had the gTLD owner been able to buy the .com domain, he probably would have. Now that you’re snatching up his traffic, he takes an interest in your domain again. If you just have a parked page with pay-per-click ads, you might be able to increase your earning potential by selling advertising to the gTLD domain owner.

Down the line, the gTLD owner may have a well-established business, but is still losing traffic to your domain. If he can’t afford to buy your domain, he might be able to afford to lease it. For you, the .com domain owner, that could mean earning more money during the lease period than the actual value of the domain. If you had been sitting around, waiting for domain value’s to increase and the economy to improve so you could get a more lucrative offer on your domain, you might not even have to worry about that any more with the opportunity to lease it.

Leasing is an up-and-coming option for domain owners and many predict that it will be on the rise with this outpouring of new domain extensions. The one thing the new domain extensions don’t have at this point is popularity. .com owners have had that for years and it is likely to take some time for that trend to change.

The new gTLD owners will have their work cut out for them. It’s going to take a significant amount of branding to get people to remember their website names. We’re bound to see the largest efforts made by existing brands who just bought the domain extensions of their brands to protect themselves. Many are likely to do something with these domains in the future.