iPad Steve Jobs

In January, Apple finally showed the newest of it's technological advances by introducing the iPad. The iPad is a sleek notebook computer with a touch screen instead of a keyboard.

While there are some places to go to enter to win a free iPad, if you are going to purchase it instead, the lowest price for this new computer will start at $499 and should be available some time in March. At that price, there is a 16GB hard drive. However, if you want the new 3G internet, you will be letting go of a minimum of $629.

Some of the cool features of the iPad is the fact that the user can rotate it vertically or horizontally and the screen will change to be oriented towards the user. The touch pad is pretty sensitive and can do multiple things at the same time. There is also a Qwerty keyboard that you can bring up on the screen to type just like on a regular keyboard.

If you like iTunes and have it on your current computer, you can sync the iPad with your iTunes via USB connection, even if you have a Windows PC.

There is also a reader that is similar to Amazon's Kindle, that will be available to use with the iBooks app. Plus, you can easily adjust the font size so that it is easier on the eyes when reading the iBooks. You can flip pages back and forth by touching the page on the screen or dragging across the screen.

One of the really cool features is the way that you will be able to interact with games. And there are 140,000 to choose from to use on your new iPad. It even has a compass built in.

When using the maps app, you can click on a picture and the screen will zoom out to the satellite view. It will also help you to find a Mexican restarunt for dinner.

It is rumored to really give great video whether you are watching a movie or a Youtube video. However, there have been some negative things regarding Apple TV.

There is some other things that may or may not be negatives to some people. The price is a bit high considering it is very much a netbook instead of a notebook. Netbooks right now are starting as low as $200 and are loaded with most of the features that the average user wants.

Another thing that will soon be revealed is how the touch screen keyboard works when it comes to people who type fast. Fast typists may not find they like the touch screen because a lot of what they do is by touch, not by sight. So not having a keyboard in the traditional sense, could put some buyers off for the lack of practical use.

For the average user who wants the best in applications, and to always have the newest technology, this is going to have a lot of people standing in line, just like when the new iPhone was released.

For the rest of us, we will have to try to win a free iPad, or wait until the mad rush is over and find out what the real users think.