The News: Negative Entertainment While Sitting

-by Chris Alta

The News: Negative Entertainment While Sitting. Doesn't it seem like whenever you watch the news there's always some type of negative entertainment going on? Be honest with yourself. The only time the news has anything positive to show is when some rare breed of animal is born, when it's the holiday seasons and they interview people helping out at a local shelter, or some little kids at a school doing the weather forecast. For the most part though it's all negative entertainment. The news is put in front of us to show us what's really going on in the world, and ultimately just paints the picture that the world is a scary ass place.

It's like we want the world to be a better place yet all we cover is all the bad that's going on. How this person isn't getting along with this person, how another bomb just killed so many people, how a homicide just happend down the street from your house, and how many soldiers are being killed in the middle east and so on. There will always be an interview with someone who just lost there house in a fire, or someone who just got robbed. Take the Antoine Dodson viral video for example. It turned out to be a viral video on the internet once his voice was remixed into a song, but other than that it was originally negative entertainment because a news team was interviewing him about getting burgurlarized!

Really though, why do we sit down and accept to watch this? The news usually comes on just before you go to sleep. Are these really the thoughts you want going on in your head before you go to sleep? It's just very bad to have negative thoughts going on in your life, period. The only bright side of the news is the weather, and even that can be shitty with some hailstorm crap of a forecast. Yes I know you can't just shelter yourself from the world, but you can definitely control your thought process and what you watch. If you want to be happy but you're always watching the news, you probably won't be as happy as you could be. I'm not saying you can't be happy, but you could definitely be happier if you just avoided watching the news.

At the end of the day you need positive vibes and energy flowing through your body. So next time the news comes on, flip the channel and watch Barney or something. At least then you can get some good vibes from singing "I love you. You Love me." Until then make sure you don't take life too seriously, and stay happy. Deuces.

"I'm always in the kitchen"

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