This newest little gadget coming out on the market is the Leap Motion. It’s a small (only 3 inches), light-weight box that is made to set on your desktop. It actually uses the space above it, and lets you use a virtual keyboard and mouse to interact with their computer.

The controller is a small USB peripheral device that sets facing up, and allows you to do things such as navigate a website, use pinch-to-zoom gestures on maps, do high-precision drawings, and manipulate complex 3D data visualizations. Imagine the new possibilities that this little gadget can open up in the future, and it is here today, literally at our figure tips. Because it works with both PC and Mac, almost no one will be left out!

The Leap is unlike the Kinect, which was made more for tracking the movements of larger forms (like the whole body) in a space the size of a normal room. It is the same process that happens when you are playing your Wii. The Leap Motion has a smaller observation area with a higher resolution in it that makes it a very unique product.

The Leap uses two cameras and three infrared LEDs to observe a hemispherical shaped zone with a distance of about 3 feet. Its purpose is to track fingers or comparable items like a pen or stylus that cross into its observation area, and is precise to about 0.01 mm. So, needless to say, it will have no trouble catching your every gesture.

Right now though, the Leap Motion uses a micro-USB 3 connector but the cables that are included only allow USB 2.0 speeds. The current version available for pre-order requires a USB connection.  Never fear though, the brains behind the Leap are still working on this, and they are also making plans for a wireless version in the near future.

The Leap Motion will be available at the very reasonable price of $79.99, and was offered at a lower introductory price of $69.99 if preordered before February 27, 2013. Although most customers that will take an interest in it did not hear about the devise until after the promotional price was over, it is still priced at a steal. The Leap Motion controller will start shipping in the week of July 22, 2013, and will become available in Best Buy stores around that same time.