In the last 6 months I’ve produced 6 Kindle books, something I never believed a year ago I could do. But life in the online writing business is changing so fast, I had an idea and having produced one, I kept writing and produced a few more. Here’s how it happened.


A year ago I was doing very nicely with Google money from HubPages articles and Amazon Associates money. My google money along with my HubPages views disappeared in February 2011 when Google Panda hit, and then at the end of June I lost my Amazon money when the law in California changed. This loss of my two main sources of income made me look in the direction of Kindle books, something I hadn’t considered until then.


I decided I would aim for 5,000 words. My book would have 10 chapters and each chapter would have 500 words. As someone who has been writing articles for a while, 10 articles with 500 words each didn’t sound as bad as 5,000 words. I planned the heading and chapter titles, penciled in a week and got writing.


I’d heard it was difficult to load a Kindle book, but the instructions, if read, were easy to follow. Although Amazon accepts doc files, it is better to convert a docx file to mobi and then upload it.


There are a number of sites where you can upload your book for sale at Barnes and Noble and itunes. I looked at Lulu and Smashwords. You upload an epub at Lulu and a doc file at Smashwords and then they sell it at both sites (and take a commission). If you upload it directly at Barnes and Noble then you get more than if you go through Lulu or Smashwords, and this is what I did.


Once I had written one book, I wrote another and another. It’s just like writing articles only people pay you before they read your work. Ebooks are on the increase, many people will now only read books on Kindle or Nook and won’t even buy paper books.


I was a little scared of the whole self-publishing environment, but it was really as difficult as writing my first hub on HubPages or InfoBarrel.


So, if you’ve been writing on HubPages or InfoBarrel for a while and you are not earning much money from it, then consider writing an ebook for Kindle and Nook.