Establish Your Own Affiliate Marketing Plan

Affiliate Marketing TalkCredit: Javrsmith

Perhaps you have researched affiliate marketing and you are ready to get started. There is a lot of money available so you should start earning some of it. Unfortunately, just deciding to be an affiliate will not earn any money. You have to devote some effort in order to ensure that you will be successful. Luckily, the effort you need is not hard. In fact, nearly anyone can be an affiliate marketer. The difference between a good one and a poor one is organization. If you are organized, you can really be successful as an affiliate marketer.

What does "organization" mean for an affiliate marketer? You need to establish a working pattern that will pay off for you. This is not difficult but it does take time. Generally, you need to devote more time in the beginning and less later on. You first need to sign up, review offered programs then establish your marketing efforts. Later, you are less likely to sign up but you will review the performance of your programs so that you can concentrate on the best ones.

Since many of the steps are likely new to you, here is a set of guidelines that you can use to organize your own affiliate marketing efforts:

Affiliate Marketing Guidelines

  1. Sign up for an affiliate account with Shareasale, Amazon and Google Products
  2. Search for products to represent
  3. Write Infobarrel articles that explain why the products are worthwhile
  4. Include your affiliate link within your articles. Two links per Infobarrel article
  5. Submit a synopsis to Redgage with a backlink to the Infobarrel article
  6. Write additional articles for publication on hosts such as Squidoo, etc.
  7. Monitor your affiliate statistics to see what is working

Researching Affiliate Products on Shareasale

Once you have signed up on Shareasale, you can look through their list of programs in order to find ones that you would like to represent. There is a "Search for Merchants" function that you can use. If you wish, you can enter a keyword, such as "insurance", and review the matches that are listed. You'll notice that various programs such as mortgage, travel and health insurance will show. While one of more of these may appeal to you, often they will not. It is a better idea to choose a program that you have personally used or one that you would find useful in the future. If you choose to represent a program that makes no sense to you, you will likely find that your affiliate performance is less than ideal. If, instead, you choose something that you find appealing, you will have an easier time supporting it. Your enthusiasm will show and sales commissions will likely follow.

Shareasale also lists programs by category. You can review all of the affiliate marketing opportunities with the "clothing" category, for example. Many of the vendors may have products that are of interest to you. Some will be specific to certain themes, such as Halloween. These are excellent affiliate choices. Bear in mind, however, that some, like Halloween, are very time specific. You are not likely to make much commission from such sites in the months after the event. This can be alleviated by choosing a few themes such as Halloween, Valentine's Day and the Fourth of July. This covers the calendar quite well and distributes you commissions accordingly.

Shareasale also lists informative statistics for their programs. The commission or lead amount is posted as is the average sale value. With this information, you can make an approximation of the value of each program. For example, if an affiliate commission is 6% and the average sale value is $60, your commission per order is likely to be about $3.60. This could easily represent a good return on the time you devote to the affiliate relationship, especially if you attract many customers. Obviously choosing programs with higher commissions and higher average order values will translate into even more money for you.

Another interesting statistic available from Shareasale is the reversal rate. If a program is listed with a very high rate, it may indicate that something is wrong with the situation. You may make an affiliate commission from such a program, only to have it revoked in the future. This is best avoided. Many of the programs have very low reversal rates, (and many are zero), which indicate better quality programs.

When you have chosen a few affiliate products to represent, you need to links so people will find, and buy, those products. Under your "Account" tab, there is a "Manage Programs" menu option. This list all of your merchant affiliations. At the far right, there is a "Get Links" option for each. Click on this to get a variety of links that you can insert into web pages, blog posts or content articles. Several text phrases may be shown on the screen. You can choose one that fits your needs best. Click on the "Get HTML Code" link at the right of chosen text. The web code that will display the indicated text as a link to your product shows in a select box. Copy this and paste it on your article, blog or web site. Make sure that you copy it exactly as it will contain your unique tracking code, ensuring that you get a commission from all future sales.

At the bottom of the get link screen, the actual link URL displays without the "A HREF" link code. This is what most Infobarrel authors will use. Select the entire URL and paste it as a link in your Infobarrel article. If this process is unfamiliar to you then you should investigate Infobarrel backlinking prior to doing much work with affiliate programs. This is not difficult but it is very important as mistakes in the linking process will greatly reduce your ability to earn any commissions.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it allows an organized person to represent a few quality programs in a mutually beneficial sales relationship. The program merchant gains sales through your marketing efforts. You gain sales commissions through customer actions and customers obtain products that are useful to them. You have the ability to leverage your web content into a revenue stream. This allows you to provide content to viewers at a cost far lower, (or free), that it might have been otherwise. By representing quality programs or products, you lend your authoritative word to your merchant partners. Because your efforts help people with their buying choices, 24x7, your earning potential with affiliate marketing can be very significant.