Nexus S Google Cell Phone for Sale

Introducing the Nexus S Google Cell Phone - The Android Phone's Second Round

The latest iteration of the google cellphone, an android software based smartphone known as the Nexus S, is set to start hitting stores near you. This smartphone comes standard with all the latest generation of apps and functionality that you'd expect from a modern cell phone, including gps capability, high speed web browsing and video streaming abilities, and even a built-in high resolution digital camera. Unlike previous versions of the android based google cell phone, the Nexus S will come in two flavors: you can buy one alongside a two-year service agreement with T-mobile and receive the Nexus S for only $200. Or, you can order your own google cell phone direct to your door but pay up to $530 if you don't opt for a service contract.

What's so Special About the Nexus S Google Cell Phone?

The Nexus S google cell phone has received a couple of notable enhancements that its predecessors were sorely lacking. For one thing, the newest google cell phone will easily perform for a full day before needing a charge, whereas even recent android-based predecessors were only getting their users through several hour blocks of the day before needing to be recharged. The Nexus S also features a faster chip set, making this google cell phone ideal for people that felt the last generation of smart phones were a bit sluggish when it came to touch responsiveness and switching between apps. This latest version of the android google cell phone also features a luxurious 4 inch screen that's sharp and colorful - giving the Nexus S definite eye-candy appeal.

What's Not So Great About the Nexus S Google Cell Phone?

Naturally, every smart phone has its flaws and the Nexus S is no different. For one thing, prospective google cell phone buyers might be surprised to learn that the Nexus S does not come with any pre-loaded video conferencing software. You can find a couple of workable apps that will allow you to video conference using the front-facing digital camera on the same side of the phone as the Nexus S's own screen, but it's a bit of drag to have to hunt down, install and tweak something that should have come standard.

Additionally, the latest google cell phone leaves a little to be desired in terms of its outward facing camera, which cannot take high definition videos and only produces recordings of average quality. All in all, however, the Nexus S google cell phone is set to be a popular smart phone thanks to a sleek, sexy design coupled with lightning fast processing capacity. Sporting the latest version of the exciting android operating system, the Nexus S is expected to only continue driving development of this powerful programming platform.

The Nexus S is also physically larger than any of the latest iterations of the rival iphone models. The Nexus S google cell phone also features an on-screen keyboard designed to free up screen space.