Okay, the Nintendo WiiU is finally out. The wait is over. Now, we can start dissecting this sucker. You know you want to start bashing on this thing all you "real" gamers out there. Well, I've never been one for labelling like that or deciding that a game or console is good or bad based on personal preference. Hey. You wanna go play that Rihanna dance game on Kinect? I support that. Leave me and my Wii alone. 

 That being said, there is a lot of time left for this system to succeed or fail. I want to make that perfectly clear. However, we've got some pretty annoying issues starting right off the bat with this thing. First of all, it sounded like a cool idea that you had the option of the deluxe or regular versions of the WiiU at launch. That is, untill you find out that there's also a first day update that you need pretty badly and its going to eat into your memory space quite a bit. We didn't have the greatest wireless router in the world (and that's pretty much the only way you're going to be able to do these updates by the way), but even so it took over an hour to get this update done and that seems pretty lengthy when you've already been in a stupid line waiting for several hours just to buy this thing. 

 Now, this update is primarily to get your reverse compatibility from what I understand. That's a problem in and of itself, but I'll get into that in a minute. There are apparently other things that go along with the update though... patches to problems already. I complained about this to a friend of mine who is real into video games and he said that pretty much all the new consoles have these things out the gate anymore. Maybe so, but it doesn't fill me with much confidence in the system. Especially when you consider that something like a week after the first update, we find out that they need another one to fix some glitches including a pretty annoying feature that has your game pad turning off by itself and in fact the entire system needing to reset whenever you switch to Wii mode. And now, we're back to that reverse compatibility issue. Look Nintendo.... Reverse compatibility? Good. Having to get an update on launch day in order to have that compatibility? BAD. You could play Game Cube games on the Wii without having to install any extra crap. Why not do that here? How hard would that really have been? With as many Wiis as Nintendo sold, they had to know that there would be a lot of people with old Wii games out there who didn't want to have to have two systems hooked up at the same time to play their Nintendo games if they didn't have to. What? Did you guys just figure that since over half the games you released for the Wii were shovelware that people wouldn't want it? 

 That's another point. We were promissed the strongest launch title list ever for a Nintendo console. I'm far from convinced that that's what we got. Now, the Wii probably never truly realized it's full potential to be honest with you in terms of it's games. There WERE some really good games for that system. Don't kid yourselves haters out there. But there were also some real pieces of crap too. I'll tell you this. I don't currently own ANY WiiU games even though I got my console on launch day. And there's a reason for that. Check out just what I thought of the one game I DID own here. That being said, Nintendo Land IS a good game. It's just not the kind of game I wanted on release day. I thought the Wii had already done just fine with the party game market and I wanted something I could really dig my teeth into and play for some long hours while my wife gets annoyed and wonders if I'm ever coming to bed. Those are the really fun games. Those are the games I'm still waiting for. Let's not give up hope though. The thing I can say is that just from playing Nintendo Land for a little bit, I can see the definite potential with this new game play and I can see where the WiiU is capable of much better graphics than the Wii. It's just a question of making use of these features and of fixing all these stupid bugs. Only time will tell, but if I were to give the WiiU a grade for it's performance so far, I'd say it'd be around a C-. Let's step it up Nintendo. And show us some quality third party games. I know there's still plenty lined up for release soon that we haven't seen yet or I just haven't gotten the chance to play yet. So, anything's possible and there's a reason that I put my money into buying this console in the first place. So, if you're like me, just try and hang on and see where this thing goes. If nothing else, Nintendo is good at keeping things interesting.