Nowadays, Persian cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats. They are well-known for their sweet and lovely characters and their long hair, they also have very amazing features. Persian cats are wonderful pets for almost everyone. Not like other breeds, like the Siamese breed, Persian breeds will need minimal attention.

While white is the color usually associated with Persian cats, they are available in a number of other colors too. They're divided into several colors - solid, gold and silver, tabby, shaded and smoke, bicolor, and Himalayan. Regardless of the color of Persian cats, they're well-known by their flowing and long coats.

Persian cats should be kept inside the home, to protect their coat from being damaged. They should also be cleaned and brushed everyday with a metal comb, or their coat could become tangled and twisted, which may result in hairball. You will have to clean your Persian cat regularly to protect his or her coat. Bathing is useful for young cats and it should never be ignored, since it'll keep your cats coat healthy and clean. While some breeds can protect their coats by themselves, Persians cannot. Their fur is dense and long and you will have to clean them regularly to make sure that their coat stays healthy.

The Persian breed is sweet and gentle, and they will be loved by everyone including kids. They've a nice voice that's good to listen to. Using their voice and their eyes, they could interact very well with their masters. They're very playful and lively, yet they do not need much attention. However, they love attention, and love being admired. Compared with other cats, they do not jump and climb much. They are not harmful to your home either; they simply love being admired.

Most of the time, Persian cats enjoy basking in the sun and show others how beautiful and attractive they are. Although most breeds could be kept indoors or outdoors, Persian cats should always be kept indoors and never permitted to leave the house. Keeping them indoors will protect their coats and will also protect them from diseases and common parasites. You will not need to panic about cars or dogs either if you keep your cat inside your home.

To make sure that your Persian cat stays in a good health, it is recommended to take him or her to the veterinary regularly. If taken care of properly, like brushing, vaccinations, and check-ups, Persian cats could live up to twenty years. One important thing you should be aware of that’s common with Persians will be their eyes. Their eyes are extremely big and could sometimes be too big for the cat to clean. This is a very common healthy problem with the breed, and needs to be examined regularly to make sure that it does not get out of control.

When comparing Persian cats to other breeds, you will realize that the Persians are among the best breeds to keep. You do not need to bother about things like climbing or jumping, as Persians do not enjoy doing either. All you will have to do is feeding your cat and cleaning him or her on a daily basis. Even though grooming might need a lot of work in the future - it is worthwhile when you've a beautiful and healthy Persian cat.