Keeping customers happy is considered top of the agenda in business circles. But if you are making this critical error then you’re driving customers away.

Things are certainly picking up in the economy overall. Office phones are ringing again just like the good old days and everyone says they are getting busy again. Most suggest this is a good thing, and it is, only if you can manage the extra business coming in the door. In this bust period lies the opportunity for small business owners to get things so wrong.

Trying Too Hard To Please Everyone.

You constantly say to yourself;  “I got keep my customers happy no matter what, because if I don’t they’ll go find another supplier”.

Or you may have another thought that says;

“I got to keep my customers happy no matter what, because if I'm seen to drop the ball, then they'll think I'm no good”.

This is fear based thought and it is detrimental to your success. Thoughts such as these have the effect of stretching you beyond your limits leading to frustration and lack of composure under pressure.

This behaviour is so tiring. Nothing gets done effectively and you can never seem to get ahead. As a result of this behaviour you seem to attract the opposite of what you really want. Customers end up going to someone who can give them more stability.

Here's a little story…

I knew an electrician once, Mick Byrne, He is retired now. He was without a doubt one of the best tradesmen I ever met. This guy was cool as a cucumber. He would never flintch no matter how desperate I was to get him to site. 

You see Mick was “an old dog for the hard road” and he knew that pleasing everyone was a waste of time. In his mono-tone voice he'd say "Sorry Larry, I can't get to you until next week. The guy was always busy, and he could pick and choose the people he worked for.

Mick knew that trying to please everyone was a complete waste of time. He knew that only the younger greener business guys like myself tripped over themselves trying to please people.

Your State Of Mind Is The Key

No matter how good you are at the technical work of your business, if you are calm, collected and measured it will be plain for everyone to see and your efforts will be very productive.

Understanding that there is enough to go around, and that the fear of losing a customer is counter productive is one of the keys to a happy working life.

When you “know” you are one of the best out there, and you “know” there is enough work for you, then the applause or criticisms of others won’t matter.

Regardless of what others think of you, you will go into your day knowing and understanding the truth of the matter; It is the thought in your mind of who you are that gives you power.


Arrogance is the response of someone who is in fear of being uncovered. It is bravado, a false projection of oneself. It is the weak pretending to be brave. Don't confuse the above with arrogance.

When you understand your own intrinsic worth, you don’t need verification from others. You're simply doing what you love to do. Business doesn’t have to be tough and you don’t have to be stressed out, it can be easier, and even enjoyable. People like Mick Byrne taught me this.