Believe it or not, carpet pricing has a formula. Finding it will not only ensure that you will get the carpet you deserve, but that you will get it at the right price. It is easy to buy any carpet with abandon, without any regard for any sort of equation, but this is called extravagance, a practice that will only work for millionaires.

The first principle of sensible carpet buying is that no two carpets are created equal. You have to make sure that when choosing between alternatives, you are comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges. It is easy to get distracted from enforcing this disciple, when coming to a busy bargain basement carpet store in the strip mall near your house.

carpet pricingPressure selling will get in the way and so will a deal or deals of some sort. You will be wise to examine these options when shopping for the best carpet prices. However, it is important to remain rational and go through the quote with a fine-tooth comb. No doubt, sales representatives will not like your approach, but it is your money you are spending, not theirs.

Following the formula, a spanking new carpet's price may begin at $5 per square yard. The second part of the formula is the padding involved, so throw in another $5, and do likewise for installation. You should arrive at $15 per square yard. It never gets any clearer than this.

Just imagine what would happen when a couple sets out on a carpet buying expedition, only to miss the cost add-ons such as padding and installation. It is one recipe for disaster, so pay close attention to what the carpet salesman is telling you.

It is dangerous to assume the know-it-all stance, but at the same time, letting the salesman know that you know very little about carpets, can carry its own set of perils as well. If you do not know what padding is, it is usually the cushioning between the floor and the carpet. It is there for a reason. It provides much needed insulation and may even absorb noise, but more importantly, it is also the carpet protector.

Indeed, there is such a thing as a carpet pricing formula, but as you have realized by now, it does not by all means dictate what make of carpet you are willing to settle for. Only you or your family alone can make this choice. You should however take as much time as you want prior to taking the plunge.

And do not forget that there is a wild card in the equation, and this is no other than the deal or deals involved, or sale if you will. By sufficiently timing as well as planning your buying decision, you will be able to secure the best price possible for the carpet you fell in love with at the store. Above all, do not forget that for the carpet pricing formula to work for you at all, hidden costs such as installation or moving the furniture, must also be considered.

Other Considerations When Shopping for Carpet

Finding the best price on carpet is like shopping for anything else, it takes patience and knowing where to look. With internet shopping being so popular today, there are several things you'll want to keep in mind when shopping online. First, be aware of the enormous shipping charges you may incur. Keep in mind that carpet is extremely heavy and thus costs a fortune to ship. That's just the way the industry works. Obviously it would not be in the best business interests of an online retailer to constantly pay the enormous expense of shipping. Also keep in mind carpet installation prices. Even though the online retailer may offer carpeting at significant cost savings per square yard, that does not generally include installation and tear out costs.

When shopping for carpet, take into consideration all the topics covered here and you'll be sure to find the best pricing on carpeting and something that fits within your budget.