Can you really lose weight by doing the TapouT XT MMA fitness program?  You know they always show you the best case senario people when you're watching that infomercial.  How did they lose that weight?  When you listen to the testimonials you'll hear the person say something like, "TapouT XT taught me how to eat."  Studies are finding that your diet plays a greater key role than just exercising[4304].  

There is a reason when you buy the program it comes with a nutrition guide and diet plan.  It is included because the creators of the program know that combined with increased exercise, this is the recipe for weight loss.

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How Your Diet Will Change With TapouT XT

You'll Learn Portion Sizes

When you start an exercise program like TapouT XT it forces you to do things like measure portions. You might look at the side of your box of cereal as you pour it into your bowl and say, "Oh, this cereal is 190 calories."  That's really great you're looking at that information, but what you didn't realize is the serving size is 3/4 cup.  What you poured into your bowl is 2 cups for roughly 500 calories.  Combine that with a cup of skim milk at 90 calories and your pushing 600 calories.

Learning portion sizes applies to other nutrition and diet plans, not just TapouT XT.  It is about knowing what you're really eating and not what you think you're eating.


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Eating Multiple Times a Day

Do you skip meals?  Don't feel like eating breakfast?  According to some studies eating only 2 times a day can cause you to overeat when you finally do eat.[4327]

Welcome to the world of not being hungry.  When you switch from eating 2 - 3 times a day to 5 - 6 you don't feel hungry.  You'll be eating the same or fewer calories, but never have that extremely hungry feeling.

If you figure you're awake on average 17 hours per day.  When you eat 5 time a day you're eating about every 3 hours and 20 minutes.  As a comparison think about how you eat now.  What time did you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner?  How much time passes between those meals?  


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The key factor when you do TapouT XT is learning a different way to eat than what you most likely grew up with.  If you truly want to succeed with TapouT XT you will need to combine the workout with the diet.