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Fear is a one heck of a bully. Fear can hold you back from achieving the simplest goals in your life, and it can also keep you bound mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

The only good benefit that you can get from having fear in your life is if you navigate it properly. There’s a moment in which a person will come to realize that if he or she is going to get any further in life, their fears will have to take a back seat.

There’s always that moment where everything clicks when it comes to conquering fears. It can be a sound, a smell, or even a sentimental moment that is once in a lifetime. When the person realizes just what has taken place, then he or she will know what steps they need to take in life next. I believe my clicking moment came one day while I was at home watching a YouTube video.

“I already told you guys that I can’t get a job, because I’m an ex-felon..... YouTube is my job.” DCigs was the name. The sound came loudly from my brothers’ laptop as I walked past him sitting at a coffee table in the living room.

I couldn’t believe the honesty that this guy in the video expressed as he ranted on and on to his fans. I found his honesty refreshing but more importantly his boldness and fearlessness even more appealing.

There is something truly soul-baring and even respectful when a person can be brutally honest in the way that he did.

He not only made no apologies for who he was, but he amazingly owned it. The more that I watched his videos, the more I started to look at my approach to my fears in life. I was still afraid of quite of bit of things that I needed to overcome in my life, and I needed a way to let it go. The process started when I stumbled upon on this same old YouTube video.

He mentioned how crazy his life was. He had almost been homeless several times, and he had dealt with some other challenges in life that I know I couldn’t even imagine of facing myself. It was in this same video, or another one that he brought up this crazy movie. From just his description of it, I took an extraordinary lesson from it.

The things that I was afraid of were never a match for the things I had witnessed in watching this guys videos nor the movie that he described. His description made the things that I was going through in my life seems like childs’ play compared to his life story, and the movies’ plot.

It was then that I realized that I should take more risks in life. It’s funny how things work in life, doesn’t it? What do I have to be afraid of? Seriously? The things that people have tried to make me be afraid of paled in comparison to what I actually saw and heard. I figured that as long as things were not as bad as what I saw in the video nor that movie, then I was home free.

I decided to bite the bullet. What is the worst that could happen?

After I realized that, I started to apply it to my life in different ways. I went ahead and started to tackle my first fear, and then my second and then my third and so on. I believe that if I had never seen this video and heard this guys story, that I would still be afraid to make a move in life.

The amazing thing and the most satisfying thing was that after I struck out and faced my fear one by one, I found that things weren’t so bad.

None of the negative things that other people convinced me would happen for sure happened at all. It was just a emotional illusion... Which was an unhealthy one – I might add.

Be a selective listener when it comes to negative people that like to make you fearful.

Sometimes people want to convince you that the stars and the moon don’t exist and you shouldn’t think outside of the box because they live on earth and are too afraid to explore what’s beyond that. They can see that you have more of a drive to get into the spaceship to prove them wrong, but the ignorant part of them wants to stall you with their negative words.
Fear is an illusion of the mind that is a test of your faith and your ability to succeed. Sometimes questioning things and taking risks to find the solution is worth it.

The way that I see it, is that I have nothing to worry about as long as I have God. Anything can happen anywhere, no matter how much you try to make sure that it doesn't, the point is simple. Without a risk, there is no reward.

I think that the people who grow to be paranoid, and then they remain set in their ways about it are defeating themselves from the inside out. When he or she does this, and they try to project it onto other people who still have the gusto and the passion for succeeding in life, they are doing more harm than good. They will eventually drive that person away.  Nothing good can come from a negative person, let alone a paranoid and negative person. Build yourself up, stand up and take some risks.

If you are afraid to step out of the house, talk to God about it and step out on faith anyway.
If you are afraid to go after a certain career because you are worried about what certain people may think of you, talk to God and step out on faith anyway. Once I saw this Youtuber conquer his fears, and and he triumphed over it all - it gave me hope.

Do not give up. If you want to give your nay-sayers and your haters the satisfaction, then throw in the towel. Turn your fears into accomplishments, and shame the people who are too afraid to go out on a limb by doing what’s in your heart. God will see you through it no matter what.