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Disclaimer: This article is not SEO´d, it is not a hype, it is not intented to put anybody off trying to make money online. It is an honest realisation after making money online these past few years and hopefully can help somebody out there.

This morning, while walking my dogs, I was thinking just how much my life had changed because of the work I do. I started looking around for ways to work online a few years ago and just like many other people, I have tried a huge amount of different things, work plans and what not.

During these past years I must have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on all sorts of programs that supposedly would hand me the answer to my questions on a golden plate. What is the best way to become rich online, and if at all possible, make it happen in a month.

Right, like many of us have already found out, fast internet richess is only for the few, that by accident or not run into this amazing idea that instantly sells and takes them for a ride on the fast track. For us normal people, the only way to get rich is to work for it and work hard. Make sure your work base is solid and continue building on that, eventually outsourcing the more mundane tasks and keep building your business untill you reach that point where things just start to take off and you can ride the waves of momentum.

Before reaching that point though, there is a lot of elbow grease involved and huge amounts of boring little task, all a huge learning curve and only a few people really stick with it. The rest will probable try for a while and then call it all a scam.

Going back to my morning walk and the thoughts I was having on the changes affiliate marketing has brought to my life. When I first started my investigations, I was in a horrible job selling cars I did not like to people who could not afford them. I felt guilty and bad the whole time and the long work days brought little joy in my life. It was around that time that I started having a closer look at my life and the way I had always worked, in low paying jobs for long hours and having to switch jobs whenever I moved to another place.

I think that last bit was the most important push to look into a different way of making money, being able to take my job anywhere I go. Anyways, I started investigating and learning about how to build websites, how to do different things that supposedly would bring in the money.

I even started a blog about this Make Money Online venture like, guessing here, hundreds of thousands other people without a clue. Needless to say that blog did not make me a penny (well it did make me a few pesetas, but far from the wealth I wanted to create). It was a fun experience though and it taught me a lot, so in a way that first blog was really valuable to me and it still is because of the PR rank it has obtained.

Thing is though, that the more you learn about making money online, the more you will feel that you don´t know enough yet or that it becomes so overwhelming that eventually you just give in. Another problem is that you will start feeling that you are just missing the point. You are taking all the right steps, doing all the tasks, setting up all you need to set up, but in the end it just turns out you are missing something, or at least that is the way it feels.

I hit a few bottom rocks and when thinking things could not get worse, they would. But somehow I kept having faith in myself and my abilities to make money online. I mean, I am well educated, speak 4 languages fluently, have finished several educations, traveled all over the world. That in itself should stand for something.

Well guess what, this morning while walking the dogs, I figured your online success really come back to one thing and one thing alone. Your ability to bite through and keep on going, producing content.

Every single thing about making money online revolves around the ability to produce content. Content to put on your website, content to publish on revenue sharing websites like this one, content to build links to your money making articles and websites. It is all about the content.

Good content on your website will make your visitors come back. Content will give you the ability to build links using article marketing and other forms, in order to drive traffic to your sites. The content also makes you rise up in the search engine rankings so that your sites will be found by more and more people. And what about selling your content for direct payments. There are literally thousands of people looking out there to pay writers to create content on even more different topics.

So the one and only ability, the most important one for anybody who wants to make money online without having a lot of money to spend on outsourcing, is their ability to create content and loads of it. Thing is though that there are a lot of material out there trying to convince you that you don´t need to write to make money online. Sure, if you have a lot of money to invest, you can outsource that part, but really, in order to learn which content makes you money and how to use it, I highly recommend to create your own content first before spending money on having somebody else write for you.

Anyways, my whole point of this article is to push myself to write more. To get in a real habit of writing daily a certain amount of time, even if I don´t feel like it, even if I can´t write perfect English and even if others keep telling me that this whole Make Money Online business will never make me rich.

I think this bit is the most important thing I have learned over the past years. Sure, I did learn how to build websites, I did learn how to go about affiliate marketing, I did learn how to do keyword research and the lot. But I sincerely wish that I had understood the importance of creating content when I first started out and would have acted on it. I am convinced I would have been a lot more advanced in my money making quest.

But only this morning, after poundering my thoughts these past weeks, did I realise that creating content is crucial. Period. So here I am, writing! Taking up on all different ways to challenge myself and churn out more and more content on a daily basis, not the best quality content mind you, but I am sure that will improve over time, with practice.