All of these supplements are staples that every athlete, bodybuilder, and weight lifter should have at his or her disposal. These supplements are presented in no particular order. Incorporating these supplements into your nutritional program can help you achieve gains in muscle strength, muscle size, and help you lower your body fat percentage. Read on and see what nutritional supplements you have been missing in your nutritional program.

You should always include a high quality protein shake in your weight training program. Protein serves many essential functions in your body and  will help you build more lean muscle, recover from your workouts faster, and get stronger on all of your lifts. I have had much success taking popular protein shake brands like Muscle Milk and Nitro Tech. The best times to take a serving of your protein shake is in the morning, right after you are finished working out, and right before bed. This ensures that your body is flooded with optimal levels of protein and other added ingredients that will ensure your muscles are well nourished and have the nutrients they need to grow and become stronger.

Creatine is another product that you should include in your training program. Creatine has been found to help athletes and weight lifters become more explosive during athletic performance and increase the amount of reps and weight you can lift when you are exercising. Creatine is a supplement you have to be careful with. There have been many mixed reviews about the supplement. But scientist have found that it can lead to significant improvements in strength and muscle size with proper weight training. Although I do not take Creatine anymore, I have had a lot of success with Cell Tech in the past. I can personally say that this particular brand of creatine boosted my strength through the roof! You should take this supplement before you workout to reap it's benefits.

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Glutamine is an amino acid that you should take to help you recover faster in between workouts. This branched chain amino acid helps your muscles replenish themselves and it has been shown to decrease the amount of muscle soreness you experience after a workout. You should take this supplement with your protein after your workout as well when your muscles are tired and hungry for nutritients they need to grow bigger and stronger.

Do you have sore muscles and joints and tendons? Then you should take glucosamine. Glucosamine is a supplement that has been found to strengthen an athlete or weight lifter's cartilidge, tendons, and ligaments. Glucosamine also helps rebuild cartilidge and can help cushion your joints which can decrease pain you may experience from tendonitis or arthritis.

Lastly, essential fatty acids and flaxseed oil are two other supplements you should be including in your workout. These supplements not only help you recover faster from a workout, but they also help relieve inflamation in muscles and joints and can help you burn fat which will make your muscles more defined. You can take these supplements any time during the day, preferrably with a meal and water.

If you implement these nutritional supplements into your training program you will make significant gains in all aspects of your training program. These supplements will help you pack on more muscle, build more strength and power, burn fat, and have more productive workouts. Good Luck!