Oak Island

Above you is a picture of the legendary Oak Island. This island is in Nova Scotia, Canada. So your first question might be, what is the significance of Oak Island? Well there is a mystery here, and possibly the greatest treasure of all time. It is the location of the money pit, a giant hole in the ground that goes to the bottom of the island, every ten feet or so has a layer of wood timber. It is the site of dozens of attempts by treasure hunters to reach the bottom and claim the treasure. It is also the site where many treasure hunters have died to reach the bottom.

This is what is known about the money pit. Every ten feet there are wood timbers, that stretch down for hundreds of feet. No expedtion has ever made it to the bottom, and whoever built it had no way of ever getting to the bottom after building it. Whatever is at the bottom of the money pit, would never again see the light of day. Franlin Roosevelt was even involed in the money pit excavations throughout his Presidency. So whoever built the pit wouldn't ever be retrived by the people that built it. That rules out treasure. What pirate would want to build a pit that could never be excavated by tools because if you take a timber out your likely going to fall ten feet to your death. Also the unfortunate location of the money pit makes it prone to flooding. So whatever is in the bottom has to be in a secured state, that means no documents, because flooding is going to ruin paper.

That means what is at the bottom has to be metal or jewels or something of even greater nature. I sternly believe that the builders of the pit wanted to hide something of great importance. Perhaps it was built by early european explorers who wanted to protect a great secret or treasure that they believed could fall into the wrong hands. Maybe, they wanted to hide the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail.

What is clear is that whatever is at the bottom is of grave historical significance and it is unlikely that it will ever be recovered. The makers of the money-pit designed a inpervious well full of timbers that would be impossible to dismantle without falling to your death or drowning. I am not sure what is down there, but whatever it is, is very important, and possibly very dangerous.