Occupy Movement(85282)

The Occupy Wall Street movement began on the 17th of September and there appeared to be no signs of it slowing down until recently. The movement is a leaderless resistance that refers to itself as the 99% with the other 1% being the corrupt and greedy. Many believe that the events of the Arab Spring provided the spark that started this movement.

Initially the protests were peaceful with the focus being on the Wall Street banks that many believe are responsible for the current state of the economy. At some events violence broke out with the most notable occurring during the Occupy Oakland protests. The protests in Occupy Oakland resulted in riot police being brought in and over 80 people getting arrested.

The Occupy Movement is supposed to be peaceful, but dark elements can easily join in and wreak havoc. It's understandable that in some cities with a history of problems between residents and the police that tension will be higher. So the violence in Oakland could have just been an isolated incident. If violence starts to erupt in other cities I believe this movement will run into some serious problems.

The movement is already losing steam due to the crackdown in various locations to remove the permanent assembly of the members from local parks and other locations. The government has shown in the past that they will take heavy handed measures to ensure that order is maintained. The movement to this point has been very impressive seeing that pass attempts at outrage from the people have always quickly fizzled.

It will be interesting to see where they go from here. The events in the Middle East are completely different from what is being experienced in the US. Many of the Arab countries are filled with citizens who have lost all hope and are willing to die for their cause. In the US you rarely see that type of commitment from the people.  

At a time when the people have finally found the will to stand up and show the government that they have finally had enough of the bank bailouts, special interests, shady politics and total disregard for the needs of the people. It would be a shame to see a movement in it's humble beginnings get pushed into a quick and sudden ending, but that appears to be gradually occurring as the government has decided to take back control.