The yachting world just got a little bigger, the critics are a little more excited, and I personally wish I had a few extra million kicking around. This work of art is currently being built by Italian Rodriquez Cantieri, and and will soon be ready for ultra luxury ocean living for a lucky few

If you're a fan of architecture, you most likely have heard the name Lord Norman Foster. He is the man behind such architectural genius such as London's City Hall and Manhattan's Heart Tower to name just a couple. Mr Foster has been taking a stab at the luxury Yacht game and his latest creation is perhaps one of the finest yacht's to come out in years...actually I'd put money on it.

This beauty you're seeing above me is appropriatly titled the "Ocean Emerald". The 134-foot long yacht encompasses just over 6000 square-feet of luxury living at sea. Lord Norman Robert wasn't bound with any other yacht design/style in mind and thus you can see for yourself that this gem is one of a kind...well actually 1 of 4 but who's counting.

The 2500 square-foot exterior is comprised of decks that interconnect with state rooms all over the yacht. The interior is so lavish and large you'd most likely forget you were on a ship, and instead in some million dollar mansion on the Italian coast. The open design allows for a lot of natural light to envelope the interior, and that also means the views are nothing short of breath taking.

Cost: 1/8th Ownership about $1.8 Euros and $200,000 Euro p.a. maintenance costs.
Website:Yacht Plus

Ocean Emerald 2Ocean Emerald