The Best Season of a Classic Show

Michael Scott has now left the building—but others remain.  Jim and Pam.  Dwight and Angela.  New faces have arrived in the persons of Andy and Erin.  While others like Jan Levinson and Karen Fillipelli have come and gone.  Characters have fallen in love and broken up.  A lot has happened in the seven seasons of The Office.  Each season has its classic shows, but there is one season that sticks out above all of the rest—season 2. 

In this second season, viewers began to really get a taste of the characters at Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch in season two, and plots were introduced that would affect every single season that was to come.  The sexual tension between Jim and Pam was obvious, but Pam’s fiancée stood in the way of this couple that was always meant to be.  Jan started his first office fling with his boss Jan Levinson-Gould… but now without the Gould.  Recurring characters like Todd Packer are introduced, and viewers first begin to know and love the antics of Mr. Dwight Schrute. 

Although ever present in season one, the art of the awkward pause was perfected in season two of The Office and really helps set this season apart from the others.  And at this point in the storyline of the show, the tension between Jim and Pam was at its finest.  Viewers know that these two are destined to be together.  They constantly flirt, but must do no more since Pam is engaged to another man.  This creates for some awkward, heartwarming, and  just plain hilarious moments in season two. 

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Here is a recap and highlights from some of season two’s best episodes:

“Office Olympics”

While Dwight accompanies Michael to buy a condo, the folks back at the office participate in the Office Olympics.  After a difficult day struggling with the commitment of a thirty-year mortgage, Michael is honored at the “closing ceremonies” for the Olympics.  The games show-off the flirty side of Jim and Pam and reveal the sentimental side of Michael.  Many of the games seen in this episode have spawned a number of great Office theme parties. 


Afraid of losing a “friend,” Michael waits till the last day possible to fire a fellow coworker as demanded by his boss.  At the beginning of the episode, Michael still has not decided whom he will lay-off and vacillates all day between Creed and Devon.  While deliberating over his decision, Michael discussed his options with Dwight who is dressed up like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.  The resulting exchange is one of the most memorable in the history of The Office

A glimpse into the personality of each character can be seen through their chosen Halloween costumes. 

“The Client”

Almost every episode of The Office shows Michael as an ineffective, irresponsible manager, but “The Client” showcases one of Michael Scott’s biggest strengths at Dunder Mifflin—selling paper.   Guest star Tim Meadow is a representative from the local county and it is his job to find a new paper supplier for the county government.  Michael and Jan Levinson accompany Meadows to Chili’s where Jan wants to immediately get down to business.  Michael seems to ruin any hopes of landing this large client by preferring joke telling to selling paper.  But it was all just a part of his plan…

At the end of this episode, Michael and Jan have their first forbidden and ultimately ill-fated sexual encounter.  Their relationship becomes one of the central themes in Michael’s life and one of the major plot lines over the next few seasons. 

“Christmas Party”

How could anyone forget “Yankee Swap” from The Office’s first Christmas special?  After Michael receives a homemade oven mitt, he turns the Christmas party upside down by changing a simple secret Santa gift exchange into Yankee Swap in the hopes that he can get a better present.  Most of the employees are outraged, but Michael tries to bring a little extra “spirit” to cheer things up.  In this episode, there are some indications of a budding relationship between Dwight and Angela, and it is also revealed that Michael has a major man crush on Ryan. 

Of the five Christmas Office specials, this is by far and away the best.  Do not get me wrong.  The other episodes are great, but this one is just epic. 

“The Injury”

At the beginning of the workday, Pam receives a phone call from a severely injured Michael Scott.  It is soon revealed that Michael clamped his foot into a George Foreman grill in an attempt to make bacon at his bedside.  Naturally, this exercise went horribly wrong and the hilarity ensues.  On his way to pick up Michael, Dwight gets in a car accident and suffers a much worse injury than Michael.  To better help his employees understand his suffering, Michael calls an impromptu office meeting on disability awareness.  This is one of the most memorable meetings throughout the entire run of the show.  

This is personally my favorite episode from the entire show.  There is a bathroom scene where Michael, in a moment of self-pity, gets stuck.  This is one of the quintessential “classic” scenes from The Office

“Dwight’s Speech”

One of the recurring back story lines in The Office is the constant pranks played between Jim and Dwight.  In “Dwight’s Speech,” Dwight receives an award for salesmen of the year and as such must give a speech.  Jim convinces Dwight that his speech must have all of the strength and power of a talk given by Hitler or Mussolini.  The ensuing speech is awkward, powerful, and hilarious. 

“Casino Night”

In season two’s finale, Michael hosts a casino night at Dunder Mifflin.  Michael invites Carol and Jan, his two love interests, without expecting either to attend.  As luck would have it for Michael, both show up, and he is happily caught in the middle of a love triangle.  Kevin’s gambling habit and Creed’s addition to thievery are both first revealed. 

And finally, in a typical end of season cliffhanger fashion, Jim kisses Pam and the camera cuts away.  Viewers will not know how Pam reacts until season three.  Everyone knows that Jim and Pam were made for each other, but was this their time? 

Final Thought

So there you have it.  This article could have very well listed the highlights of almost every episode of season two.  Each and every episode was just plain hilarious and not nearly as hit and miss as later seasons.  The character development was at its finest, and the situations were both relatable and original. 

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