Are you in need of a fun and original party idea.  Look no further than NBC’s hit show the Office to inspire a party to remember.   

For seven seasons NBC’s hit show has blanketed the airwaves of every Thursday night.  During the course of this show’s run, countless characters, moments, and storylines have tickled America’s funny bone.  You can use many of these classic elements to throw an unforgettable Office themed party.  Look no further than this article to detail your next party as inspired by the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Scranton Branch.  

Dress Up As Your Favorite Office Character

Although most Office characters dress in normal business clothes, each has their own distinctive style that can be made into a costume.  Dwight has the mustard colored shirt and brown suit, while Michael has sports the more traditional black suit and tie (male guests wearing a female suit deserve extra kudos).  Girls can dress in plain grey blouses like Angela, or they can sport something bright and preferably pink to dress up as Kelly Kapur.  Good props would include a crossword puzzle book as Stanley, or an empty bottle of tequila for Meredith.  So pop in that old Office DVD and get inspired by your favorite character—your next Office party should be just around the corner. 

Dundie Awards

Give out Dundie Awards to everyone that attends your party.  For this you will need a RSVP list beforehand and a little creativity.  Look back at episode 1 of season 2 for inspiration to name the awards—try the “Hottest In The Office Award” or “the Smelliest Bowel Movement.”  Make up some of your own Dundie awards that are completely off the wall but relevant to your guest. 

 The Dundie awards do not need to be in the form of a trophy.  Instead, you can opt for a simple certificate created on Microsoft Word.  For extra credit, you can give the Dundie awards out at the nearest Chili’s restaurant. 

The Office - Season 2Credit: 

Office Olympics

 In season 2, Jim hosted the "Office Olympics" while Michael was away on business.  Most of these games are easy to organize and play.  Be sure to award medals made of yogurt caps and paper clips at the end of the competition. 

Coffee Races

Have foot races while holding a mug of coffee (or other beverage). 

Guess the M&M's Have guests how many M&M's can are in a jar or how many M&M's fit in someone's mouth. 


In the Office Olympics episode, reams of paper were strapped to the cast member's feet who then raced around the office.  Reams of paper can be expensive to purchase, but you could use something like a phone book in its place. 


Toby and Kelly play "Dunderball" by bouncing a ball of blue tape on the wall between their cubicles.  Players are not allowed to hold the ball for more than one second, and the ball must land on the other players side when returning the volley.  Some sort of modified form of ping-pong relabeled as Dunderball should work just fine. 

Office Board Games

Pressman Toys current has two different Office board games on the market.  One is an Office trivia game, and the other is a DVD based game that does not require any previous knowledge of the Office.  The former is a good option at a party with Office aficionados, and the latter is appropriate for everyone. 

Diversity Day

Host your own diversity day seminar minus all the racism.  At your party have everyone put their name on a three by five business card.  Mix the cards up and tape them onto each other’s foreheads.  Each person then must guess the name on their forehead by asking other people questions.  Guests should consider this a roast and not an icebreaker.  Another option is to place common character names on the index cards. 

That's What She Said

One of the most memorable catch phrases to emerge from the show is the clever and timely “that’s what she said” line.  Have a contest during your party where each that’s what she said line is rewarded with a Schrute Buck.  At the end of the night, the person with the most Schrute Bucks could be awarded a prize like a Dwight bobble head doll. 

Café Disco

Inspired by Michael’s dance club in season 5, you can host a dance party and serve coffee to your guests.  Be sure to play corny hits that are Michael Scott’s favorites—“YMCA,” “Everybody Dance Now,” and “Boy Hangover,” which was written by Lester Lewis specifically for the Office. 

Hot Or Not

Host a debate over which celebrities are “hot or not.”  In the “Prince Family Paper” episode from season 5, office workers debated the relative beauty of Hilary Swank.  

Play Desert Island and Who Would You Do

To pass the time, Jim organized these two games while a fire was extinguished in the Dunder Mifflin building.  For Desert Island, guests are asked to name the five books and DVDs they would bring to a dessert island. 

Nifty Gifty Party Favors

At the end of the night, give all of your guests a party favor bag full of “nifty gifties.”  Favors could be cheap and corny things like pencils and coupons, which Michael gave out to his new employees in “The Merger” from season 3, or you could give out something that is worth having.  Both options will be a big hit. 

Other Favor Ideas

Give out coffee mugs that have each guest’s face floating over a cartoon star.  Kelly gave out these party favors for her America’s Got Talent finale party in season 5. 

Food Ideas

Over the years, Angela and the party planning committee have hosted many different parties to inspire the cuisine at your gathering.  For your beverages, try serving some "Mexican" lemonade or "Dundee" beer.  The very adventurous could even provide 15 bottles of vodka.  More tame ideas include “Big Tuna” sandwiches and the famous “C” shaped bagels Michael made for Charles’ arrival in Scranton. 

No office party is complete without a stapler suspended in Jell-O.  To do this, you will need to hang a stapler in Jell-O while it is solidifying.  Use floss or fishing line to suspend the object.  You can do not need to use a stapler—it could be any office supply of your choosing. 

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