The oil cleansing method is talked about as the latest, greatest thing in the beauty world. But does it really work? For at least the past decade, the beauty market has tried to sell and advertise products that are all oil-free. Now they are trying to have us wash our face with oil? Turns out this method of washing and moisturizing your face really is the best for your face and is great for all face types including acne-prone and greasy skin. Here are the reasons this cleansing method works and why you should incorporate it into your beauty routine.

What is it?

Simply put, this method is simply washing your face with oil. You can pick any type of oil that seems to work best with your skin type. The most popular ones people seem to use are olive, coconut, and castor oil. Other ones people have chosen to use include almond, hazelnut, sunflower, argan, tea tree, jojoba, apricot and peach kernel, lavender, rosewood, avocado, evening primrose, glycerin, mineral, and grape seed oil. Of course, the choices are endless. It all depends what you like and what works best for you.

Things you will need:

  • Container
  • Olive and castor oil - you can use whichever type you want but these two are good to start with.
  • Washcloth and hot water

To wash your face, simply mix whichever oils you would like in a container, put a few drops in your hands and, without wetting your face or removing your makeup, put it on your face and massage it into your skin. Do this for a couple minutes so it can really seep in. Then get your sink water really hot and wet a wash cloth. Put the wash cloth over your face and keep it there for at least a couple minutes so it can steam your face. The steam will open your pores and will allow the mixture, along with all the makeup on your face, to be easily removed. After this, you may easily find your face is moisturized enough to not need any more moisturizer, but if you tend to have dry skin you can choose to moisturize after you've cleansed your face with a few more drops of the mixture. 

Why should I use this method?

Although the beauty industry wants you to believe that you need to get rid of all the oil on your face completely with their products that are full of chemicals, fragrances and drying alcohol, your skin actually needs that natural moisture. By using overly drying soaps and products on your face, you end up in an endless cycle of your skin being stripped of the natural oils it needs, making it seem tight and dry at first, and then trying to replace that moisture, making your face seem greasy for the remainder of the day. However, by not stripping your face of it's natural moisture in the first place, it will stop this process and instead make you have clear, dewy, glowing, perfectly moisturized skin, free of all problems including greasiness, dryness, blackheads, acne, etc.

To understand why oil actually cleanses your face, you need to know one thing. Oil dissolves oil. In chemistry a basic principal is that "like dissolves like." Cleansing with oil actually helps to dissolve oil that has hardened into your pores.

Does it work?

Recently, I started using this method. I used to have acne-prone skin that would be really dry after washing my face, but always ended up with very greasy skin shortly after. I could never seem to manage the fact that my skin would always get really greasy during the day and would make my makeup look patchy and greasy. After I started using this method, my acne has almost disappeared and my greasy skin is no longer a problem. Not to mention these oils are great for preventing wrinkles and sun damage. Who doesn't want that? 

I am now a firm believer in the oil cleansing method and I hope you too will try this method for yourself and see the numerous benefits. Your skin will thank you! 


UPDATE: So I thought I would give you all an update of how my skin did after a while of oil cleansing. At first my skin did really well doing this. However, after a few weeks my skin started breaking out with this method. All skin reacts differently to different things. The oil cleansing method still works very well for many people. But for me, it didn't work in the long term. 

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