Bioware developers have proudly proclaimed their upcoming Star Wars mmo The Old Republic to be the end of an almost decade long wait since Knights of the Old Republic. While I have already focused an article about the validity of the game (including how it is not going to be a sandbox experience or the WoW Killer) I feel that I need to talk some more about the game, it's classes, and the experience you will most likely have. To view my other article click here.

TOR will have eight classes, four per side. The classes for the Republic will be Trooper (standard warrior), Smuggler (standard thief), Jedi Knight (clerical warrior/paladin), and Jedi Consular (mage/priest) For the Sith Empire there will be the Assassin (thief), Bounty Hunter (warrior), Marauder (hybrid of warrior and rogue) and Inquisitor (most likely have some healing abilities so priest/mage) There will be six ships in the game the Sith inquisitor and marauder will share a ship, likewise for the Jedi Knight and Consular. So the Jedi and Sith classes will share a ship and the other four classes will get their own ships, making the total count 6 ships. The ships are standard, you won't be able to go out and buy a new one, the one you get, is the one you have forever, and you have to get the class ship. Bioware has stated that the you can customize weapons and the internal layout of the ship, but not the outside design. So unlike a gmae, like EVE, where there are nearly unlimited amounts of ships, this game will be pretty cut-paste in terms of classes and ships.

While the details are still coming out there will be two races per class, and you have to play that race for that class. So you can't play a Chiss Bounty Hunter, you have to play a Chiss Assassin. All classes will include a generic human option and a 'special' race option limited to that class. In addition races will be limited to weapon choices, so you won't see a Sith Inquisitor duel weilding light sabers, it has been stated the double bladed lightsaber is the option for that class, same with consular. While the classes will most likely be unique for that faction, the other faction has classes that closely mimic their abilities. So a Republic smuggler will be able to duck and cover (with low health) the assassin is the same except they have some more special abilities. Each class will have two advanced class options. So you have your generic role then you can choose which advanced class you want. Like in WoW where there are three combat trees and you can be a Retribution Paladin, Defense Paladin or Healer Paladin, it is pretty much the same here.

TOR will ship with 14+ planets, but these planets won't be entirely open. Each planet zone will have paths and walkways for you to explore. It won't be like EVE or An Empire Divided where you can explore every space on the planet. There will be limiations where you explore like in World of Warcraft.

So to conclude, what will you get? A confined game. Everything from racial options, classes, ship's, and planatary zones will be confined and set so you go the path Bioware wants you too. The only thing that will perhaps seperate this game from World of Warcraft is that Bioware is implementing complete voice-over abilities. And, there will be a class story. So you basically have eight stories to explore. Each story will be for the class and it will show how your low level Bounty Hunter (or whatever you are) becomes the best Bounty Hunter in the galaxy through 100 hours of story telling. After your story is over, your done, game over. You will have limited end-game abilities such as PVP and Raids. But, there are seven other stories to play, so basically they are crafting a game where you will get the most for your money if you play every story. AND by playing every story, you increase their montly coffers, by 15$ U.S. dollars.

To me this game seems like a complete rip-off of World of Warcraft at least they did something original. The Old Republic will be a pointless clone of World of Warcraft where the only difference is story and even that is scewed to get them more money, per month. So is the wait over? No, I will continue to wait for a sandbox Star Wars game like Galaxy Divided. This is not the game for me or for any true Star Wars fan. But, if your a World of Warcraft fan and want to try something new with story this is probably for you.