Olympus Stylus Tough 3000

Easy to Use Camera That Fits in Your Pocket

    Want to capture your summer memories? How about using the STYLUS TOUGH-3000! This low cost, waterproof camera is fun for the whole family. Whether you’re at the beach, mountain, or even at graduation this stylish digital camera knows best on capturing the moment. Not only can you snap shots underwater, but you can also record your every move using the One-Touch HD Movie feature. Lastly, don’t forget about the Creative Art Filters which create special effects for your photos. This camera is also so popular because it is incredibly user friendly which makes it that much more desirable.

Under Water Pictures   

What makes this high-tech camera so desirable is its ability to take pictures underwater without having to pay hundreds of dollars for an expensive underwater camera. The pictures turn out just as great without having to pay the high cost.  What makes this camera so different is that it looks like your normal digital camera so you do not have to lug around some big chunky one. It can easily slip into your pocket or purse. Since it doubles as a digital camera when you are not capturing the moment under the sea you can take your everyday photos around the house! The cameras compact size makes it easy to hold underwater and while you are busy swimming you can just hook the chord around your wrist without having to worry about carrying it. This camera is so great because you can just pull it out at the last minute without having to worry about bad weather conditions. So there is no need to worry about your camera breaking if you are trying to take pictures at your son’s rainy soccer game.

Crisp Video

In addition to the revolutionary underwater feature, you are also able to record crystal clear footage of your family outings using the One-Touch HD Movie feature. Whether you are kayaking, at the soccer game, at the family reunion, or just hanging around the house it is always easy to capture what is going on with an easy click of a button. Making these videos is so awesome because you are able to combine them, edit, and create one large video to show your friends and family. This camera is clearly great for all ages, and makes a terrific graduation present. Many use it for college memories, others for work and family moments. By recording these bits of your life you can easily go back and revisit these memories. For instance, when grandma and grandpa or other loved ones are not able to make it to graduation what is better then being able to record your daughter walking across the stage and receiving that diploma and sending it to them?

Get Creative With Filters

Also, one of the most loved features on this camera is the Creative Art Filters which allows you to give your photos a little bit of a different look by adding special art effects. These include Pop Art, Fish Eye, Drawing, and Pin Hole. If you ever find yourself on a long and boring car rides just turn this effect on and snap away! This creates hours of fun for you and your friends. These are the types of photos you will never forget by creating endless amounts of laughter. On the flip side, you can also use this at more serious times; For instance, it is useful for school projects such as art class and even your video productions class. Your teacher will be impressed by your ability to create such interesting work.

Easy to Use

Next, when the camera was made one of the most important things to keep in mind was to ensure that it was user friendly. The menu navigation is plain and simple so that everyone can understand! There is no reason to spend countless hours reading the instruction guide as if it were a bible. Everything is pretty self-explanatory and easy to figure out.  The camera has a special feature known as Beauty Mode which takes gorgeous portraits and immediately eliminates blemishes and wrinkles on the face. This setting saves time on editing because it does it on the spot. Also, the In-Camera Panorama takes three image shots and connects them together creating one beautiful picture by pressing the shutter button and panning across a scene.  By using the Advanced Face Detection the camera is able to find up to a total of twelve faces and focuses automatically while making each face appear clear in the shot.

A Great Gift

As you can see, the STYLUS-TOUGH 3000 is highly desirable for those of all ages. This camera makes a wonderful graduation gift, anniversary gift, or birthday presents. Anyone who gets this will not be disappointed. This allows you to capture memories and go back to view them. Not only can you snap pictures underwater, you are also able to create funny effects, record movies, and use this camera easily. This camera makes a great gift for anyone. Next time someone asks you if you have heard of a good camera, now you are able to tell them about the STYLUS-TOUGH 3000.