In my family, my mother and I love consuming fresh fruit juice. My mom keeps telling me how important it is to keep the body fit and healthy at a young age. Well, it is definitely true but I prefer drinking home made fresh juice, not because I am forced to. I love the taste of fruits such as watermelons, apples and oranges. If given a choice between aerated drinks and fresh fruit juice, I would undoubtedly vote for the latter. Apart from youngsters, fresh fruit juice that is prepared at home is good even for old people, especially those who have health problems. Fresh fruit or vegetable juice is so natural and I am sure that it is really refreshing to consume early in the morning.

Once I finish my regular exercise regime, I prepare a glass of fresh fruit carrot or lime juice. During my school days, I used to force my mom to make fresh fruit juice twice a day. Juicing is such an easy task, when you have a better performing juicer at home. I have come across people who like juicing at home, but they just hate the idea of cleaning the juicer. Hence, it’s a must to have a juicer that is durable, performs wells and also makes cleaning an easy task. Now, I prepare juice all by myself with the Omega Single Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer. Juicing is one area, where I do not give any sort of silly excuses, thus ensuring that I juice daily.

How I Managed to Get an Omega Juicer?

I had no plans of changing my old juicer as it was in a good condition and it did function quite well. One day my sister had to relocate to another country for official reasons and she left her new Omega Masticating juicer with us. Since she knew there wouldn’t be much time for her to use the juicer in her new place, the Omega juicer became my property. I was pretty excited to use it and I asked my sister how the product worked for her. I couldn’t extract much of information from her, as she didn’t use the product after she bought it.

Well, I knew what exactly to do with the new juicer. I just couldn’t wait to get started, but before that I wanted to get more details about it and of course read the instruction manual. I browsed the internet for fifteen minutes. I read the entire product description on the internet and went through few consumer reviews. Well, to find out how far the facts mentioned about the product were true, I had to start using the product. Having used the Omega Juicer for nearly three years now, I have no issues with it.

Features that Make the Omega Juicer Outstanding

The Omega juicer that I own is capable of producing the maximum juice. All the nutrients stay intact and the end result is nutritious as well as tasty. The single phase induction motor is one of the outstanding features of the product. The juicing machine can chew up wheatgrass, green leafy vegetables, oranges and even grapefruits. Even after regular usage, the juicing device does not heat up quickly. Due to this, even my mom loves using the juicing device and she operates the device with ease. The automatic pulp ejection function facilitates continuous juicing and the reverse mode is extremely useful in preventing food from getting stuck. Even though, the food particles do not get suck, I prefer cutting grapefruits into two halves, before feeding those into the chute.

Multipurpose Functionality

Apart from being a juicer, the Omega Commercial Masticating Juicer is also a food processor, grinder and pasta extruder.  The juicer is capable of squeezing out maximum juice out of whatever is fed inside the chute. The best thing that my mom loves about this device is the ease with which she grinds coffee beans with it. Apart from this, the machine even chews herbs and spices. In the beginning when I told my mom that this is possible, she couldn’t believe me. She was a bit surprised to know that a juicer can work as a grinder as well.

Along with the juicer, I found pasta nozzles. Even though I haven’t used those as yet, I know that they can be used for extruding pasta. One day, my cousin came home with her baby. I used the Omega Juicer to prepare baby food and the output was just the way I had expected. For those who wish to make nut butter apart from juicing, the Omega juicer is the best option.

The quiet operation is another best thing that I love. It’s also easy to clean the juicing device. At times, when I feel a bit lazy, my mom takes care of the cleaning chore. Both my mom and I love the masticating juicer and maintain it well, so that the product will last long as well as function well. The juicer is built with heavy duty construction and it is accompanied by a ten year warranty. Certain juicers fail to retain the nutritional value because they juice vegetables and fruits at a very high speed.

Is the Omega Single Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer Worth Recommending?

I am really thankful to my sister for having left her juicer with me, as it so useful. Well, as I mentioned before, I haven’t faced any problems with the juicer so far. I just feel that the mouth or feeding chute of the juicer could have been a bit wide. Rather than calling it a juicer, the Omega device should be named as a multipurpose device. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to juice green leafy vegetables and even wheatgrass. In fact, I have plans of making an online order for an Omega juicer and gift it to my cousin. I am sure she will be happy to have a multipurpose product at home.