romance(71695)Although not everybody has an actualy list, it is undeniably true that many of us have a checklist of our dream partner in life and there is nothing wrong with that! These are just things that we might categorize as part of our standards along with the physical features. It may be classified as a wedding partner bulletin or just a tool that will assist you in determining whether your partner is someone worth keeping around. This list is in random order.

1. Your parents like him

It is virtually impracticable to hope for a prosperous relationship with your partner without your parent’s approval. They might not have the power to detach you two from each other, but it is still unpleasant to swallow the fact that the couple that brought you to the world and raised you does not feel the ease that you feel towards your significant other.

2. Has a stable source of income

Being in a relationship with someone that has an unsteady occupation will likely lead you to a challenging path fiscally, it is important to have a durable source of income for a durable long term relationship.

3. Compatible personalities

Many people claim that the phrase “opposites attract” is true, perhaps it is at the beginning of the relationship and some couples still endure not having the same likings for a long time but to be realistic, not having nearly the same attributes may do more clash in the long run.

4. Conscious about health

People that are not cautious about what they eat and unaware of the level of their daily physical activities will have a big probability of weight gain and future health issues. This applies to anybody, it is substantial for each of us to be careful and watchful with what we consume. We should not be eating any more than what we need. Special occasions might be a good excuse but make sure that those special occasions do not come to pass often. And exercise will be another factor in addition to having a healthy lifestyle.

5. Having trust with your partner

Without a doubt, trust is one of the key elements that all relationships should have. Without it, the connection you have with your significant other will be unstable. In some situations, a person gets inappropriately involved with somebody else outside of the relationship. When that happens, the process usually involves the other partner having to make a decision as to whether he/she is going to keep him/her around and resolve the problem (giving a second chance) or might just go on in life without the other person. If trust is broken, time will heal it but it will never go back to the exact state where it used to be. Warning: Do not take second chances for granted.


There you have it! If most of the categories in this checklist are present in the relationship, then you should be on the right track. Some opinions and comments might be different and biased, but it is all up to you.


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