romance 2If you have plans about marrying your partner, there might be some things you need to put into consideration before doing so. Along with the personal chemistry that naturally blossoms when the two of you are together, there are some pointers outside of it that should be carefully consulted. Here are a few things that you should reflect on before being involved in something big and semi permanent- marriage. This list is in no particular order.

1. Is your partner honest at all times?

Just like anybody in this world, everybody lies. Perhaps lying is acknowledged as a radical break only when the excuse is not severe. In instances like if your girlfriend/wife in almost-labor state of pregnancy asks you if they look fat and you say no in respond (even if they do), not being completely honest in situations like this could be considered reasonable. Make sure that you do not hurt other people’s feelings though. For example, instead of saying a solid/bold “no”, make your response indirect by including complimentary comments. In relationships, both individuals MUST be honest with each other. If you get caught from lying, the trust level will decrease.

2. Puts you in front of everything

This part might apply more to women than men. Who would not want a man that puts you first? Who does not want to be treated like a queen? Some women might have different views about this one, but there is nothing more charming than a gentleman. Simple things like opening a the door for you or just by being there with you when you need him even though he has a job meeting might not seem like a big deal but considering that a woman’s mind is so versatile, it will definitely give her a reason to keep you around.

3. Future interests are alike

If the plans about the future are not even close to the same, then there is no reason for a couple to even stay together. Conflicts will arise later on and problems will occur in the long run. It is better to settle with somebody that has similar interests with you.

4. Loves you and you love him back

To have a healthy and harmonious relationship, it is essential to have someone that is aware about or of your worse side and still loves you regardless. Someone that accepts you for you even with your  flaws and imperfections.


These pointers plus the emotional connection and physical attraction will definitely lead to a flourishing and sound relationship. As long as each person in the relationship has grown from problems and learned from the mistakes, past issues should not be put as the first factor in making your decision towards making a big step in relationships.

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