Being successful in losing weight has no secrets. It is hard, it requires effort, and there is only one key to a successful diet: staying motivated.

Your motivation is what will make you lose weight and lack of it is what will cause you to give up and "oh whatever" reach for those chocolate bars...

But how to stay motivated, how to avoid temptation? Here are real tips that will help you with that.

Loose JeansCredit: Petr Kratochvil

1. Don't Be Too Harsh With Yourself

This does not mean it is fine to be overweighted. This means, do not go from "eating everything  that tastes good all day" to "eat 1 salad per day". Do it gradually. Reduce what you can reduce, avoid what you can avoid but stay cool. Eat enough not to be hungry. If you are still hungry after the meal, the temptations for a chocolate bar will be too high with time. 

Also, don't expect to lose 20 pounds per day. This is not how it works. Your aim should be a long-term and successful diet and for that, you need to do it slowly but surely.

2. Get Some Support

If possible, try to get some people to cheer on you. Explain to your family what you are going through and hopefully they will understand. It is really hard to be alone in such an adventure, so if you cannot find support within your family or close friends, join a club on the internet, check Facebook groups, etc...

It is always easier to perform something big when being together and losing weight is something big.

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3. Have as Much Fun as You Can

Diets are all but fun, this is why you will need to try to have as much fun as possible.

For example, find some inspiration in TV shows. The Biggest Loser, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, etc...

Get an iPad mount for treadmill or other gadgets that will help you stay motivated. Instead of the gym, you could try also try practicing a sport you like.

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4. Don't Focus on the Diet Only

You need something else in your life to take your mind out of the diet. If you think "diet, diet, diet", you will get fed up with it and you will want to stop. Losing weight should become almost natural while doing other things.

Spend time with family, have some hobbies, and don't think all the time about your weight.

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5. Avoiding Temptation

The problem with being overweighted is that generally food is synonym of comfort. Something sad happening to you? And here you are eating sweets. Having love troubles? And again the diet is out of question.

To remedy to this, you need something you like (other than eating) to help you decompress and feel better. For example, a good bath, movies you love, listening to music... and when something sad/bad/depressing happens to you, use those, not sweets/chocolate/chips,...

You should also try to monitor your shopping list. If something is not good for you, don't buy it. As soon as a potatoe chip bag is somewhere in the house, the temptation is too big.

6. Giving Up

When you start a diet, write yourself a letter. Tell yourself why you are starting this diet, why you want to lose weight, why you should not give up. Write those reasons to yourself as a reminder.

The day the diet becomes to hard to continue, the day temptations are too big, the day you want to give up the diet, open this letter and read it. After all, you are probably the best person to keep you motivated. 

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7. Conclusion

Here were just some tricks/tips but again, the real key to weight loss is staying motivated. If you find something else that keep you motivated (cloth-shopping, swimming pool, ...), just do it.

I wish you the best with your diet, I know it is much harder than it seems and please share your success if you are successful.

If you liked this article, don't hesitate to spread the word and share it with your friends/family, ... who are also trying to lose weight.