Be2 is a dating site that can lead you to the love of your life.  There are currently 27,539,924 members who are registered with this site, 57% female and 43% male, and there are new members joining everyday.  On this dating site you will be able to find the love of your life anywhere around the world and success is guaranteed. 


Be2 is a unique dating site because after a detailed survey is filled out by you, Be2 takes that information and only finds matches that fit your personality type.  The company will give you a list of people who they think would be compatible with you and then you can choose the rest.

  • Testing: scientific testing to reveal who you are most compatible with
  • Results: results are based on a personality test
  • Services: test results, a description of possible partners and other recommendations are completely free
  • Security: ensures your safety by keeping your personal information private
  • Success: the opportunity to meet your one true love


There are many different dating sites out there however, Be2 is very professional and trustworthy. Date Hook Up is one of the dating sites that competes with Be2.  Date Hook Up offers completely free membership however, you have to find the love of your life on your own.  Date Hook Up has you enter in if you are looking for a male or a female, the age and the area you are looking for.  Then, numerous results are displayed and you can start looking from there.

Match is another dating site that is very popular and well known.  Match is a little more specific than Date Hook Up, but definitely not as thorough as Be2.  With Match you can customize the results to bring up male or female, height, body type, faith, smoker, marital status, education, etc.  Be2 has both of these companies beat by being able to bring up personalities that match your profile.


It is completely free to register and to take the personality test at Be2.  After you take the test you will receive a list of results who match your personality and will be able to look at it without a charge as well.  You can then choose if you want the 6 month premium or 12 month premium membership and will be able to write to the contacts an view their profile.  Prices of the memberships are not available until you register and take the personality test.

Be2 guarantees that you will keep in contact with at least 10 different Be2 members during a 3 month time.  If this doesn't happen, then your membership will be completely free.  


Members of Be2 absolutely love this dating website and would recommend it to everyone.  In fact, many members wish they would have signed up sooner. One testimonial said:

"his deep husky voice made me want to melt into the phone."

Another couple who ended up getting married wrote:

"We were so pleased with each other, we met each day for the next 4 days and our passion shone through."

These are just a few examples of the people who ended up happy after they have joined Be2.  If you are looking for the love of your life, Be2 is definitely the website to join.