Hot tubs and spas basically have the same structure with warm water spraying out of the jets. The only difference between the two is that you usually find hot tubs outside. They are often sheltered away not only to protect them against the elements, but they are hidden away in order for privacy. Two different kinds of hot tubs exist: Simple wooden tubs that are usually composed of redwood, cedar, teak or a combination of the three; one piece plastic hot tubs that are typically referred to as spas.

The hot tub spa cover is simply a covering that goes over the hot tub for protection. Many of these covers are usually made to withstand approximately two people standing on top of it. This makes an added protection if you have any little children or pets in the house. The hot tub spa cover is good for protection of debris that may get into the hot tub and clog the water jets.

The floating spa cover is an easy way to protect the hot tub water from becoming contaminated or dirty. There are some drawbacks to this type of cover. If someone happens to throw a ball and it hits the hot tub spa cover, it will usually buckle and then the water in the hot tub is no longer protected. For people who live in windy areas, this would not be the best choice in a cover. The foam spa cover has become a very popular choice. However, it can be very heavy to lift due to the foam becoming saturated with water from the spa. Each owner of their hot tub must decide which type of cover will be best. Get the cover that you feel the most comfortable with; therefore, you will not be disappointed.

Your next question should be where I can buy a hot tub spa cover and usually how much do they cost. They range in the price from forty dollars all the way up to over $500. The foam hot tub spa covers may be a bit pricier but sometimes that is the only option. You should still be able to find a nice variety of covers within this price range.

These covers can be bought by any store that sells spa and pool accessories. By being able to do a little comparison shopping, you should be able to get a very good price and save yourself a good deal of money. Don't forget that hot tub spa covers can be found online as well. There are many online stores that sell covers and sometimes the shipping is free, and some of these covers may have a period of warranty.

No matter what hot tub cover you decide to go with, just make sure that they will be suited to your climate. Taking all of the above into consideration, you can now start shopping for your hot tub spa cover.