The first Olympics marathon was held in 1896. Since then only 3 American men have ever won the marathon. Today is almost expected the one of the black men from a country such as Nambia will win because they are ultra fast. American made on the in many sports but not the men's marathon. Here are the only three men who have ever won the Olympics marathon.

Johnny Hayes

In 1908 Johnny Hayes won the men's marathon at the Olympics. The race that year started at Windsor Castle and finished at the White City Stadium.

Johnny HayesAt the end of the race the first runner to enter the White City Stadium was Dorando Pietri. Dorando Pietri should have been the winner but he made a wrong turn when he went into the stadium.

Dorando Pietri fell down and the medical staff ran over to help him. He ended up falling down 2 more times on his way to the finish line. Olympic officials for the race ended up helping him across the finish line.

Dorando Pietri was initially declared the winner; however the Americans appeal the decision because he had been helped to the finish line. After the appeal was successful Johnny Hayes was declared the winner.

Many people felt that Dorando Pietri was definitely a faster runner than the American Johnny Hayes. After the Olympics the debate between which was the fastest runner would not die down.

A match race was organized between Dorando Pietri and Johnny Hayes. It was a one on one flat-out race to see who was the fastest. Dorando Pietri won the match race.

A second match race was been organized also between Dorando Pietri and Johnny Hayes. Dorando Pietri once again was victorious proving that he was the faster runner even though many people felt that he was still robbed of his victory at the Olympics.

Today the distance of America on is 26.2 miles and is standardized throughout the world. The 1908 Olympics was the first your use this length so Johnny hates is credited as the first person to win a modern marathon at the standard length of 26.2 miles.

Thomas Hicks

In 1904 Thomas Hicks won the men's marathon at the Olympics. Although Thomas Hicks won the Olympics 4 years before Johnny Hayes did but the distance, 6 ran for the marathon was only about 25 miles. The Thomas Hicks when was also controversial. Initially Thomas X was not declared the winner because he finished second. Although Thomas Hicks crossed the finish line second he was eventually declared the winner over Fred

Fred Lorz was disqualified from the race because it was found out that he jumped into a car about 9 miles into the race and took the car until about five miles before the finish line we don't back out and started jogging again.

Frank Shorter

Although the only 2 American men's Olympic marathon winners had been loaded with controversy, there was no controversy surrounding Frank Shorter and his gold medal winning performance at the 1972 Olympics.

Well there was one little controversy what had nothing to do with Frank Shorters actions. Are young college student who was not part of the Olympics begin running towards the finish line suddenly. the crowd at the 1972 Olympics thought that Frank Shorter was going to get the silver medal because of the student in front of him but Frank Shorter later explain that he was confident he was going to win the gold medal because no Olympic runners had passed him.

Frank Shorter what is the only American to win the Olympics since 1908. It has been a 64 year drought for the Americans in the marathon event. At the following Olympics after his gold medal Frank Shorter came in second and earned the silver medal. This makes Frank Shorter the only American to ever earn more than one medal and the marathon event.

Frank Shorter popularized modern running in the 70's. Because of Frank Shorter 2012 new people begin jogging regularly and learn to experience the health benefits from jogging regularly.

On a side note the 1976 Olympics in which Frank Shorter finish second was also marred by controversy. The declared winner in the 1976 Olympics was East German athlete Waldemar Cierpinski. It was later revealed the East German athletes were doping at unprecedented levels.

Although Waldemar Cierpinski was a great marathon runner who won multiple medals at the Olympics he probably would not of one the 1976 Olympics if it had not been for his performance enhancing drug use.

No American has won a gold medal in the Olympics since 1976. You can expect the next time that Americans does when of gold medal in the Olympics he will be heralded as a hero... and hopefully the event will not be mired in controversy.

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