The stink bug is one of the more annoying pests in the United States. It is thought to have arrived first in the country in the middle of the 1990s as a stowaway in shipping crates on their way from China. The most prevalent species of the bug is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. Although it is the most numerous there are several different species of bugs that cause problems for both farmers and homeowners. They have a tendency to congregate on many different types of crops, and will often lay their eggs on the undersides of branches, leaves, and stems. This makes their infestations hard to control, as their eggs will continue to hatch; even after control methods have been put into place.

Virtually every species of the insect has also shown surprising and fast developing resistance to many of the most powerful and commonly used insecticides. Because of this resistance, the only truly effective means of controlling this menace is through the use of a stink bug trap. Their pesticide resistance in combination with their ability to destroy large quantities of crops during an infestation makes them a significant threat to farmers and their economic well-being. They will eat or destroy any type of fruit or vegetable, often rendering them completely unsellable on the market.

Not only are they a problem for farmers and others who make their living by cultivating food, they also can play a part in large and problematic home infestations. This presents several issues for the house that is involved. The individuals are generally larger than most common pests, and can make loud and distracting noises when they congregate. This is not the worst problem though, their name comes from their most problematic attribute, which is a foul odor that they emit when cornered or squished.

This when combined with the aforementioned resistance to insecticide makes getting rid of them even more of a problem than getting rid of pests such as roaches or ants. However there is hope in the form of a stink bug trap. This is a specially designed product that combines two powerful lures that are tailor made to attract the insects. The first lure is a bright light, which is nearly irresistible for the bugs as they search for food. The other lure that works in concert with the light is a bait that smells of squash and peppers, two of the primary sources of nourishment for stink bugs.