True Blood Books

The southern vampire series that takes place in a fictional town in Louisiana has been capturing audiences from all generations.  The True Blood series is based on the main character, Sookie, who is a telepathic barmaid who becomes involved in everything supernatural.  Scientists have figured out a way to make synthetic blood so that vampires do not have to feed off of humans any longer.

Those that have been watching the True Blood television series are interested in the books as well, but are not sure of the order of the True Blood books.  To follow along in the story as it was meant to be told - knowing the order of  the True Blood books is a definite must.

1. Dead Until Dark is the first book in the order of the True Blood books.  This book introduces Sookie and is told in Sookie’s narrative voice, from her perspective.  She explains how synthetic blood came to be and how the vampires came out of hiding to integrate within society.  She also meets her first love interest, a vampire named Bill Compton.

2.  Living Dead in Dallas has Sookie losing a very good friend in a tragic manner.  She and Bill have a falling out and Sookie accidently ingests some vampire blood which gives her an unwanted connection to the donor.

3.  Club Dead is the third book in order for the True Blood series.  Sookie and Bill have reconciled their relationship, but he suddenly disappears and it’s up to her to find and save him.  She also meets a werewolf of interest and, after rescuing Bill, becomes upset with him and ends their relationship.

4.  Dead to the World, the fourth book in the True Blood books order, has Sookie having a love interest with Eric who has lost his memory due to some witchy involvement.

5.  Dead as a Doornail is the fifth book in order.  The True Blood books main character’s brother disappears in the previous book, but now has reappeared and it is discovered that he has been bitten by a werewolf.

6.  Definitely Dead is the sixth True Blood book in order.  Sookie meets yet another boyfriend in this book.  She is also attacked by vampires and has to be rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

7.  All Together Dead Sookie is excited to meet another telepath like herself.  This is the one and only other telepath like her.  Meanwhile a grand summit is going on with a lot of intrigue surrounding it and its attendees.

8.  From Dead to Worse Sookie survives hurricane Katrina, discovers her current boyfriend is missing, and learns that she is actually part fairy.  

9.  Dead and Gone is the ninth, and final – so far- book in the order of the True Blood series.  In this cliffhanger novel, Sookie finds herself tricked by Eric into a vampire wedding.

Following the story line and gaining everything out of it is much easier if you follow the order of the True Blood books series so that you get to realize and understand the plots as well as meeting and getting to know the characters.