mass media

origin of mass media

The origin of the proliferation of the mass media in Third World Nation's can be traced to the era of modernization theory.  The undue emphasis that the theory placed on the mass media in it communication component has been partly responsible for the uncritical manner in which mass media institutions have been established in these countries.

Intellectual thought on the definitions and discussion of development was structured by dominant paradigm, which promoted the belief that national development was tantamount to economic productivity.  Its advocated argued that the simultaneous increase in two economic indicators (per capita income and gross national product) in a country was the necessary yardstick for concluding that the key to economic growth was modernization, which they said is driven by industrialization. 

 Theorist of the dominant paradigm considered communication as the intervening variables between socio economic factors and modernization; consequently they accorded the mass media a place of honor in development planning.  For instance communication and precisely the mass media was the magic multiplier in the modernization process and will accelerate the rate which third world countries achieved modernization.

Only communication will “plant the seed of change” in the third world country that would enable them to accept new set goals, new challenges and new responsibilities.

 Basically. The dominant paradigm reflected a top-down approach to development planning in the two decades of its application; the paradigm did not change the pathetic situation in many developing countries.

People under certain circumstances behave in certain ways to certain mass media in the real sense of it. mass communication can be beneficial, adverse or neutral, depending on the circumstances of the audience or receiver towards the mass media, every receiver of communication does four major things to the content that is been transferred through the following.

 * Receive it

 * Understand it or not

 * Respond to it or not

 * Accept and behave according to its demands or not.

When you receive and understand a message, then the communication is effective, that is the content is clear to you.  When you receive, understand and respond to the massage, then the communication process is complete and everything needed to be done has been done.  This is known as communication efficient.

sources of media message as authorities that should be trusted and held in high esteem, is rendered absolute by the new information and communication technology (ICT) which also apply to radio, television and Newspaper and online news.

This is because information passed from unpopular and unauthorized sources to the world heterogeneous users of the masses may influence the masses in different ways either positively or negatively. And maybe the massage might obviously lack merit and acceptability, a situation that is capable of posing a threat to, and bringing to question the structure , character and attitude of the people towards mass media.

The data collected is to be properly analyzed in furtherance of the objective of the study.

This is to ensure that the information gathered is properly quantified and interpreted in order to convey the results in a quantitative and understandable manner.