If you like watching old movies like I do, then you may remember references to absinthe driving people mad. Absinthe oftentimes referred to as the Green fairy is a distilled beverage with a high alcohol content.

Origins Of Absinthe

The Green Fairy
Absinthe is normally diluted with water before drinking because of the high alcohol content.It is believed to have first originated in Switzerland. But the popularity of absinthe reached its height in the late 19th century in France.

Many believed that it had psychoactive properties and was very addictive. The chemical thujone was found present in small quantities.Many people claimed that drinking absinthe would make them hallucinate, and the drinking of absinthe was blamed for strange crimes and actions.

Effects Of Absinthe

Today it has been proven that absinthe does not cause people to hallucinate. Some people believe that these effects may have been caused by a stimulant that is in the herbs used to create absinthe.

If you drink alcohol and take a stimulant at the same time you will get a kind of lucid drunkenness, where you will feel the effects of the alcohol but you won't be tired or slow down. Many people believe this is the effect that some people were experiencing when drinking the absinthe.

Although there are other theories that some chemicals used to color the drink were creating strange side effects. Because of strange crimes blamed on absinthe and the belief by some that drinking it would drive you mad, it was banned in most countries in the early 1900s.

Martinis Or Absinthe

Absinthe Spoon
Although recently it is making a comeback. Absinthe is now legal again in most countries that allow drinking alcohol. It is sold under many different brands and labels. I've yet to try this concoction as I am still experimenting with the martini. I think it is because I like the martini glasses.

Usually Absinthe is a green color, but if it is exposed to light the color can change to brown. That is why it is usually stored in a dark colored bottle.It is also best to keep your absinthe at room temperature if it gets too cold the contents of the bottle can crystallize which creates a film that may not dissolve back into the bottle after it is warmed up.

There is much folklore revolving around drinking absinthe. Some of it may be based on fact but a lot are old folk tales. Either way if you want to try absinthe do so with caution just like you would with any alcoholic beverage.