Original Buddha Board


  • Really actually lives up to the "Just add water" spiel.
  • No ink, dye, or paint for your kids to make a mess with
  • These things are pretty durable as long as you don't soak them completely, or spill oil on them.
  • Great for keeping someone's attention in line, or as an "instant babysitter" gimmic.
  • I suppose you can learn asian language characters with practicing on this board.


  • The Packaging is kind of a pain to re-seal if you ever want to store it back in there.
  • The paint brush is not horrible, but not stellar either.
  • Sometimes it fades so fast you can't get finer details of a picture done in time.

Full Review

First of all - we've got to look into what a Buddha Board is prior to giving it a thorough review. It's a product that allows you to paint with water. Now it's not just some water color type thing where you "just add water" but it's a little smarter and greener than that.

What it is - is a board that when you apply water to it (usually with a paintbrush) you get bold ink like effects. It's not permanent as the water evaporates and the image eventually disappears. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing, but also intended by design.

What's cool about it, is that you get the real feel of what painting is without having to buy paint, dyes, or inks. Whether you're a budding artist looking to practice your brush strokes without breaking the bank, or even if you're a martial artist learning that the art of calligraphy and swordsmanship cross over in the act of painting - this is something that can appeal to many different audiences.

Now the product I'm reviewing specifically is the Original Buddha Board.

It comes in clear plastic packaging with
  • the board,
  • a water container (box),
  • and a brush.

The one I just purchased also seems to have little "feet" you can stick on to the bottom of the water container so it doesn't slip and make a mess, and also comes with two Buddha Board stickers. When I was in the store buying them (for those of you that were wondering - it's actually being carried over at Paper-Ya on Granville Island in Vancouver), what really struck my attention was the demo they had up in the store. It was right at the line for the cash register, so everyone ended up trying out this thing. The board just rests inside the water container in either a landscape (sideways) or portrait setup - and is hours of fun for anyone creative.

Final recommendation? - It's a good purchase for a lot of different reasons:
Kids, entertaining guests, making a waiting room more interesting. It's been well worth the price.

In Closing

You've gotta try it out in person to really understand the concept of it. The feel of the brush is something that can't be conveyed on the internet, so this is one of those things that it actually pays to visit a local store to test out. Also as a side note, I put rocks in the water container for a more "Zen" like touch to my Buddha Board. You can buy them at a dollar store (already clean) or just find some along the beach (for the water rounded look).