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Original Kit-Kat Clock

Kit-Cat Klock


This Kit-Cat Klock is made in the USA. That's a plus for me, as I believe in keeping our money here in the United States whenever possible. This clock is an American classic; I'm glad to hear that it's still manufactured here.

It's really cute- it looks great on my wall. My kitchen is decorated with a classic black and white, old school theme. This clock fit in beautifully, it's almost as if my kitchen was built for the clock. Ok, maybe not actually built for the clock, but it does look gorgeous.


The only thing that I don't like about this clock is how small it is. The clock measures 15.5" tall. When I took it out of the box, I actually thought my husband had purchased the wrong clock! I had always envisioned it as a huge clock, but it's really not. Now that I've gotten used to it, it looks fine and blends well with my decor. The Kit-Cat Klock company actually has a miniature version that is even smaller than this one. The size is correct; this is indeed the original Kit-Cat Klock.

It's a bit expensive, you are certainly paying for the Patented design. My husband wouldn't tell me what he paid for the clock, but a quick internet search to buy Kit-Cat Klock online showed prices starting at around $50.00 and going up from there. Whew! Now I'm glad I didn't splurge on this for myself- it definitely makes a great gift!

Full Review of the Original Kit-Cat Klock

I received the Original Kit-Cat Klock as a Christmas present from my husband. I admit, it was a "planned" Christmas gift, but nonetheless a gift. I never believed in telling your spouse what you wanted for Christmas, but because this Kit Kat clock was something I had really wanted, but didn't have the nerve to splurge on it for myself, I thought dropping a rather concise "hint" around the holidays might be a viable alternative. Well, I'm happy to say that it worked and I finally got the pleasure of owning an Original Kit Kat Clock.

I have been wanting one of these cool black retro cat clocks in my kitchen for years, but was never able to find them in the stores. Well, I finally got one to call my own. This cat clock has eyes that move back and forth and a tail that swings back and forth by way of perpetual motion. As long as the clock is installed on your wall correctly, the tail will never stop swinging back and forth and the eyes will never stop moving. I had read some Kit-Cat Klock reviews online that discussed difficulty with getting the tail to keep moving after installation. This concerned me a bit, but I have never had a problem with it. From the day it was installed, the tail was swinging back and forth and hasn't stopped since.

The contact information for the Kit-Cat Klock is as follows:

Kit-Cat Klock
California Clock Co.
P.O. Box 9901
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

This clock takes two "C" size batteries to power the clock itself. I can't tell you how long the batteries last, as I haven't had the clock that long and I haven't had to change the batteries to date.

The clock came in a cute, black and white retro box that had a picture of the clock and a few red hearts on it. I haven't been able to throw the box away yet, although I probably should as I have no real use for it. It is a sturdy box that could probably be used for just about anything. I had actually thought about using it to move a few of my small, very fragile trinkets that I had purchased in France many years ago.

The clock itself is made of plastic. It is solid black with white accents. The cat's bow tie is white, as are the clock numbers and clock outline. The hands of the clock are white, and are located directly underneath the "Kit-Cat" logo. The cat also has small, white "claws" to help accentuate the cat's body. I think the clock is well done; it has the perfect balance of black and white to keep it looking cheerful but still subdued.

These clocks were very popular in the mid 1930's, during the depression era. I'm surprised there are not more of these around in other people's homes. Other than in the movies, I had never seen one of these clocks in person before!

In Closing

This is an awesome little clock that would make a great gift for just about anyone. I think it would go over especially well if you have a grandparent or older parents. The Kit-Cat Klock might create some nostalgic memories for the recipient, so be sure to have tissues handy, just in case. The Original Kit-Kat Clock on Amazon can usually be found on sale, much cheaper than a local antique store.