Role playing video games are games where you play in the shoes of another. You control the actions of a unit like an actor in a movie. Role playing games have become one of the most popular type of video games. Many think that Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the greatest video game, which is true, but I would like to focus on the second best video game ever: Pokemon.

Pokemon is very fun. The player gets to train, battle, and catch pokemon and go through a great adventure to become the best trainer on the island. What do you need to play pokemon? Three things: a gameboy, a pokemon cartridge and two double a batteries. The former two may be purchased at an electronics store, walmart, thrift store, or pawn shop, as well as many online stores or auction sites. The latter may be purchased at Paul Peeple's store, The Grocery Store at Bayfield, Colorado. I also must mention that there are people, criminals rather, who think that it is okay to download a program to emulate pokemon games on their computer. These agents of evil belong behind bars for not giving their financial tribute to the Nintendo corporation.

To play, insert cartridge and batteries, and turn on. Set up a new game and name your characters and experience the background store. Make sure you take in all of the elements of the preplot. Now you are thrown into the game. First, before you do anything, go to your computer. Withdraw the potion, you will need it for your first battle. Walk down the stairs, leave your house and try to leave the town.

What you can't leave the town? Oh, it's because you don't have a pokemon yet and the grass is too dangerous to walk through alone since there are wild pokemon lurking about. You will be escorted to Professor Oak's lab where he will you a choice of three pokemon. There has been much debate as to what the best starter pokemon is but charmander is the best. He will give you the pokemon that you choose and your rival, his grandson, will pick the pokemon that has an advantage over yours. (ie if you pick fire he will pick water) Your rival and you will battle and if you have a potion and some luck you will beat him. You will receive experience points and level up. This is good because every time your pokemon level up, they become stronger.

Now you are free to leave Pallette town. You will have access to wild pokemon that you can battle and catch, trainers that you can battle for money and experience, shops to buy items at, and pokecenters to heal your pokemon at and trade and store pokemon at. The goal now is to defeat team rocket and gather as many gym badges as you can by beating gym leaders. There is a gym in every town and it has trainers that are the hardest to beat in the whole area so it is a good idea to be prepared for a gym battle.

As you explore the world and meet new challenges and grow as a trainer you will find that to fully embrace the world of pokemon you have to catch them all. To do this requires cathing all of the pokemon that are in the legendary hideouts, and trading with other real-life people, connecting gameboys with a link cable. It also requires that you evolve your pokemon to the most powerful they can be. This pokemon evolution may appear controversial but the Vatican has given the series it's approval and said that pokemon was "full of imagination".

So what are you waiting for. Go pick up the necessary items required to play Pokemon today and enjoy a gaming experience like none other. Pokemon has touched the hearts of millions of children (mostly asians) Let it touch your heart as well and put a smile on your face. Thank you.