Don't ask me why the ORIGINAL TINGLER HEAD MASSAGER gives you an incredible dreamy and relaxing feeling. I have no idea why. Why would something so strange looking and cheap give you such a powerful sensation?

You might have seen the tingler head massager on sale as a tourist by street vendors in busy, well known streets. And they will tell you how incredibly powerful it is, blah blah blah right?

Well, the strange this really does make you feel awesome! It don't know what it is about the design, the material and the wobbly factor of it all, but you not only feel relaxed but it truly is a tingly, weird kind of relaxed. It almost puts you in a dream-like state.

The makers of The Original Tingler Head Massager say that there are a thousands, if not millions of senstive nerve endings and pressure points on your head and neck. And your head and neck get a lot of tension and take in a lot of stress. I guess when you think about it, it's not surprising your neck gets all tensed up has to support your relatively heavy head and it also has to absorb tension from your shoulders and back.

The Tingler gently massage and stimlates those pressure points, taking all the tension and stress away. Some people even claim that it has removed their headaches. This Tingler head massager (there are cheaper versions out there which aren't quite the same) is made from copper which is well-known to have healing properties. Many people choose to wear copper for rheumatism and similar ailments. Copper acts like a conductor, tapping into your electrical fields and gently stimulating them.

This might sound a little kinky, but I find it not only relaxes me, but it makes a fantastic way to get into the romantic mood, if you know what I mean. I've used it on third dates (I'm not so slick as to try it out on a first date!) and it works every time! There is something so sensual about it, but you don't come off like a sleaze when you use it on someone.

And it makes an unusual, but much appreciated gift, trust me! I have bought a bunch as stocking fillers for Christmas and everyone, young and old, have laughed upon opening it, wondered what it was, and then ended up raving about it weeks later. It's a very original gift choice that will always get people talking and warms up a party too when everyone is trying it on themselves!

I don't know who thought of the idea in the first place. It looks more like a kitchen utensil than some amazing head massager, but I tell you it honestly does work to give you a sensual, tingly sensation!

You can get The Original Tingler Head Massager from online stores such as Amazon. A gift wrapping option for the Tingler is available at time of writing at Amazon if you do want to make it gift for someone. It's actually a great Mother's Day gift believe it or not. Better than the usual socks!