What Happens at Night?

         Do the ghosts, goblins, and spirits come out to play and haunt? Does the Sun take a break - while it takes a break from us - still doing its job?  Does the Moon rise to her cusp and begin descent with weary longitude or does she notice her importance with poignant essence and a jaunty nod to the Man In The Moon?

           Is the Night Life the Good Life?

            Songs have been sung. Prose has been written. Art has been created - and forever it will be, as we bow down to the mysteries of the Night and those who live it.......

              The dark hours of Night, when most are asleep or safely tucked at home, are the most intriguing, joyful, and dangerous of our 24 hour time known as Day.

             Night has different rules, schools, and attitudes that must be respected to enjoy the experience.  "The Dark Side"  "Dead Time"  "The Dark of Night"  "Midnight"  "The Middle of The Night"  "The Thief in The Night"

             There is a whole life that can only be seen at Night.  It only appears after Day is spent and energy drained from its bright harsh hours.

             One can feel it.  There is a different pulse and rhythm to Night. Internal clocks tell most to prepare our supper and prepare to rest for yet another Day.

             If your life is the Night - the other side of Day - then your internal clock revs up at dark and you see things and live a way that others miss. It is unknown who gets to live the Night and who gets to live the Day but someone must live the Night or who will be astonished by the Stars?

             The alarm clock rings. It is late afternoon and your job starts within a mere few hours. You wonder what happened all day whilst you took your slumber, as you draw your bath to refresh yourself, to start a new Night.  You take your breakfast and coffee as the Sun goes away for now and the Moon peeks out. Church bells toll the late hour helping most on their way home - but for you they are only telling time.  The birds in the trees seek shelter for their Night.  Other animals start their prowl.

            You lock your door and hit the street making your way to work, freshly bathed and breakfasted, stopping for one more coffee at that favorite haunt where you see the others, the Night people, getting a cup as well....to go.

            If your eyes should meet - that secret knowledge is there - shared or not - it is there. They know too.  They wonder too. What will the Night bring tonight?  It is never the same.  

            Though Day has its own rhyme and rhythm - you almost know everything that will happen already.  But Night!  You never know - a certain excitement exists.

            You know you will be out and about until tomorrow and that is a long time away.

           You do your job whilst watching the people at work and play. 

           Night brings shadows that are not clear and corners that are dark....hiding and inviting Danger to come out and play....when it seems most comfortable. Perhaps because it is so easily hidden. 

           Self preservation, wisely, leaps ten-fold at Night. 

          Staying hyper-alert and vigilant you go about your business that takes place when the rest of the world is asleep.

          It is weird and wonderful and strange....the things that can only happen at Night.

         Night brings the time of reflection and introspection.

         Personally, I wonder what happened in my life, a lot at Night. More-so than the Day.  Things change. People change. I change too.  And I wonder what happened?

          Sometimes it seems that things did not turn out the way it should have.

          I always thought I would do something great and important in my life. Did I?  Does anyone think so?

              I am afraid to ask.

              I read somewhere that it is impossible to experience a "ghostly spirit visit or sighting",  for instance. That science has debunked all the mysteries and the mysterious things that "go bump in the Night."

         I know that this one thing is not true.  

           It happened to me.  More than once. More than twice.  But did this only happen to me? If this is not possible then I wonder what happened?

          And why me? Is this my important thing?

          Remember when you answered the phone and didn't know who was calling? You answered the phone simply because it rang.  Before caller ID. Before message systems.  The phone just rang.

            I wonder what happened? Did I answer the phone when I was not supposed to? Was that it? Or did I not answer?  Is this the thing I should have paid so much attention to - and didn't?  

         Was that when everything started to not happen and I started to wonder "what happened?"

         I am afraid to ask.  

        Night is the time one falls and experiences love.

       Strange and not strange if you think about it. People court at dark. Lovers share their dreams and intimacies under the shroud of Night and blessed darkness. First inklings of love seek that darkness - when faces are hidden and rejection, if present, not easily spotted. 

       I count my blessings and know I am lucky. My little spot in this universe is a lucky spot, all things considered and including the unexplained things that are now explained - but maybe just not to me?

        This is what I think. But I am afraid to ask.

      People are not the same at Night.  Nothing is the same. You meet friends after work for drinks or talk - just like the 5:00 o'clock crowd - only it is 5:00 o'clock in the morn.

     All the roles and rules are reversed.

     You watched the Sun go down and now, if you walk to the river east, you will meet the circle complete....just hovering above the horizon....until it blossoms into a big full bright burst of energy light.

      The Night is done and it is time to go home. 

Sunset(50554)Credit: Microsoft