iPhone has become a force to be reckoned with in the mobile industry with their newest offering – the iPhone 4. Not only does it look much sleeker and stylish, but it is also unbelievably fast, extensively compatible, and has tons of new features in comparison to the iPhone 3GS. People who are into high tech gadgets and want to have a superior cellular phone that looks awesome will definitely love the iPhone 4. The best innovation lies in its amazing display feature which its predecessor and other cellular phones do not have. The iPhone 4 comes with a Retina technology, allowing this particular version to become the leader in this industry.

The iPhone 4 features the dependable and all-new improved iOS 4 platform, and this is what makes it reliable, having only few errors and crashes. It is now much easier to switch applications, and multitasking would not pose a problem since it can be performed quickly. You would never forget your personal as well as business tasks and needs since iPhone 4 supports a variety of productive and interactive software applications, with a number of them already factory-included in these high tech gadgets. In addition, AppStore offers a lot of downloadable applications.

Another great thing about the iPhone 4 is its incredibly responsive and user-friendly touch screen, hence making this device fun to use. It is also great to watch videos and browse photos due to the iPhone 4's 3.5" LED-Backlit IPS TFT screen and Retina feature. It provides crisp and clear images because of the graphics resolution (960x640).

Other improvements with the iPhone 4 are its camera having a 5.0 megapixel capability, and the battery life span, although it varies depending on your handling usage and the applications that are running. FaceTime is another cool feature that this latest iPhone version has. It enables users to see who is on the other line, therefore creating a true and unique video chatting experience.

"I cannot describe how much I'm enjoying this phone. It has to be the most perfectly designed piece of electronic equipment I've ever used. Totally intuitive, easy to use. Typing messages is uncannily accurate. 16 GB unit. I have 700 songs with a high quality import setting, lots of apps and a few videos and still have 10 GB free. The 32 GB is not necessary unless you want to download a lot of movies. Oh... and the screen is absolutely crystal clear and tremendously high quality." (Amazon)

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